Wealth distribution- video

Socialism Made Easy by  James Connolly (also known as Workshop Talks)  MIA Connolly breaks down some common misconceptions about socialism for workers.

The Three Sources and Three Component Parts of Marxism by Lenin   Marxist Internet Archive MIA

The Communist Manifesto by Marx and Engels  (STUDY GUIDE)  MIA

Socialism: Utopian and Scientific, Frederick Engels (study questions)

Socialism On Trial, James P, Cannon

Transitional Program for Socialist Revolution by Trotsky (study questions)

State and Revolution by Lenin (study questions)


Liberalism, Ultraleftism or Mass Action Peter Camejo

How to make a revolution in the United States, Peter Camejo

The Nature of Mass Demonstrations John Berger

United Front VS People’s Front  SWP (US) Education for Socialists


The Revolutionary Party and its role in the struggle for socialism James P. Cannon

Don’t Strangle The Party!, James P. Cannon

The Leninist Theory Of Organization  Ernest Mandel

The Organizational Structure of the Communist Parties, the Methods and Content of Their Work: Theses,


Wage Labor and Capital Karl Marx (study questions)

Capital, Chapter One Marx

Intro to Marxist Economic Theory Ernest Mandel

Why Keynes Isn’t the Answer: The Twilight of Monetarism  Mandel


Was Russia Really Socialist? 

The Workers’ State,  Thermidor  and Bonapartism, Leon Trotsky

Class, Party and State and the Eastern European RevolutionSWP- US Education Bulletin

China: On The Nature of the Revolution

Trotsky on China  (complete collection of Trotsky’s writings on China)

Marxism Versus Maoism

A Marxist Analysis Of Cuba

Is Cuba State Capitalist?


The League of Revolutionary Black Workers (study guide and materials)  Libcom

Archive of revolutionary socialist journal, Khamsin   Thanks to LibCom for publishing this valuable journal. Khamsin, 1975-87, is a valuable resource on the politics of the Middle East.

Women’s oppression and socialism  a compilation of links

Racism, the national question and self-determination a compilation of links

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