Educational video games to complement your studies

Video games are not only an exquisite source of entertainment and fun, some can be used for educational purposes to acquire knowledge and apply it.

There are many academic articles that expose the benefits of using video games in classes so that children can have fun while they learn. They are tools with learning potential yet to be discerned, but which will undoubtedly be essential for all educational institutions in the future.

Serious games are video games designed for educational purposes, but far from this genre, other titles made a priori with the sole intention of entertaining can serve this purpose.

The most widespread example today for the smallest audience is Minecraft , with whom the UN has reached an agreement to help expand the coronavirus health recommendations. But it also goes further: the company that owns its rights, Mojang, released educational content for free so that teachers and students around the world could use it. In this case the subject was astronomy , with maps of outer space very useful for science classes.

Assassins Creed

The Assassins Creed saga is very useful for learning content related to the history of art and culture. With the saga of the second title we travel through Renaissance Italy and we can see monuments such as the Pantheon, the Colosseum, the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence … The game offers you information about the most important places in Italian cities, a first step to awaken the worm of historical and architectural knowledge.

But the real novelty was provided by the last two titles, Origin and Odyssey . Both released an exclusively educational game mode that offered you the possibility of walking through the cities of Egypt and classical Greece, allowing you to find out how politically and socially they were organized, what were the characters that marked a before and after in their history , its economic and epistemological development… How many future historians have created these Ubisoft games?

Age of Empires

This rts has not only been entertaining several generations for more than 20 years. The Medieval History professor at the University of Navarra, Íñigo Mugueta, tried to integrate this video game into the academic curriculum of secondary school children with very promising results .

In Age of Empire we are presented with the challenge of choosing a civilization and making it prosper from various historical eras to face the enemies.

In its campaign mode, certain important periods are also revived, such as the Hundred Years’ War between France and England, the history of El Cid Campeador… This makes the content more attractive to students and allows them to learn first-hand the need to achieve certain economic, political and social standards for society to advance.


More than a game, it is a platform that can be used for educational purposes, but at the end of the day the medium is the same: teaching by learning. Kahoot allows you to carry out evaluation questionnaires in the purest ‘Who wants to be a millionaire?’ style.

Nowadays it can be an excellent alternative to the classic multiple choice exams since it makes it easier for teachers to collect the notes and makes the questions more visible and intuitive.

adventure between keys

This educational Pokémon title is perfect for kids to learn typing as soon as possible. Designed for the little ones, they will have to capture their favorite creatures using a keyboard, so that they become familiar with it in a fast and fun way.

Brain Training

It could not be missing from a list of games that can help you with the knowledge acquired in class. It is true that it will not bring you anything new, but without a doubt, it will allow you to stay mentally more agile to consolidate what you have learned earlier and to be able to understand it as quickly as possible. Mathematical operations, visual memory, learning the notes of different instruments…

Animal Crossing

One of the latest big titles to hit the market also has important implications for children . Far from being applied to early science subjects so that they can learn the different animal species and the times of the year in which they appear, Animal Crossing can be a powerful tool for transmitting values.

The title, available to all audiences, encourages you to establish good relations with your neighbors, take care of your ecosystem and keep public spaces clean, essential learning to create civic citizens.


Are you learning a new language and want to acquire essential words for everyday life? Influent is your game ! In it, players walk through 3D home environments performing common tasks. The protagonist will be forced to write certain words on furniture or actions, spell them, pronounce them and even correct them.

To reinforce the knowledge learned , the title will test the words with which you have tried to become familiar. Perhaps for those who are moderately advanced in a language it is not useful, but for those who are just starting out it is a wonderful tool.