Easy Do It Yourself Halloween Nails

They are those who prepare realistic costumes well in advance, those who put together their costumes at the last minute, and those that don’t. However, large and elaborate costumes can be thrilling. There are also subtle ways to celebrate Halloween Costume Nails. This could include changing to a festive Halloween manicure at your home or going darker with regular makeup.

Instagram is the second most common source of ideas. It’s a great place to find inspiration, with amateur and professional nail artists posting their work. We’ve selected the best 39 ideas to help you make your choice.

Our experience shows that there are two types in this world. There are those who spend weeks planning their month-long Halloween celebrations (which include lots of horror movies and many fancy costumes) or those who wait till the last minute for inspiration on what to wear or whether they’ll dress up. 

No matter your place of origin, you can all agree on one accessory: A Halloween-inspired manicure.

You’ll find that Halloween nail ideas vary from simple to sophisticated. Do you want simpler designs? Look for the former. Looking for something a little simple? For a more casual look, consider focusing on nail color ideas and choosing a cool Halloween-themed color palette (think: orange, black, purple, and green).

Best of all, anyone can make many of these nail designs with a little help by using fall nail stickers and pressing on. As always, you can show your manicurist the photos if the salon experience appeals to you.

Below Are Our Top Halloween Nail Ideas

Sea-Inspired set

The perfect Halloween costume for mermaids, or mermen, is blue-colored rounded tips inspired by the sea. It’s hard to feel like a fish in the water if you don’t have a manicure that is barefooted with the sounds of the sea and the gulls flying across the sky.

Neon Necromancy

This long, pointy manicure is ideal for Halloween’s Gothic vibe. Christie Schobel from Houston adds an extra dimension to this manicure with her neon green designs. Contrasting with the dark base color, spider webs stand out against the moons, smile drips or snakes.

Ghoulish Galaxy

Sabrina Fagundes, a California nail technician, created this gorgeous manicure. This manicure is an imaginative way to honor Halloween. This manicure proves that even the darkest shade, like the periwinkle-like one, can be done in a creepy style, as long as you embellish it with details such as eyes and snakes.

Nightmare in the Eyes Before Christmas Nails

Kristin Cornett of Houston, a Houston-based artist in Fake Nails for Kids art, told Allure her Halloween-themed manicure was inspired by the 1990 horror movie Nightmare before Christmas.

To achieve the same look, you can use point tip eyeliner if your fingernail brushes are not available. The one provided by Morphe may work fine.

Boo Nails

Jordan Aleccia (a Californian nail artist) is the genius behind this frightening manicure. This manicure stands out because of every small detail, such as the heart-eyed pumpkin’s eyes and the ghost tongue.

Unmatched Halloween-Themed Designs

This cheery design, featuring face-free witches with black and neon-colored strips, a cauldron, and other fun Halloween-themed elements, is something you should definitely try. You can also make it yourself with a sticker. If you’re up for the challenge, you can recreate it using a sticker.

Halloween Night

This design features candles and cobwebs and is perfect for nail artists who are skilled at painting. Expert assistance is recommended if you are just starting nail art.

Scream Nails

Like the other nails in this list, this one pays tribute to the classic Halloween film ‘Scream’. One pin shows Ghost’s face with his iconic mask. The other nail has perfect blood drips, which could symbolize the brutal killings he committed. The nail art is sinister and beautiful, just like Halloween is supposed to be.

Demonic Nun Halloween Nails

The more frightening, the better! One of the best aspects of Halloween is how we embrace our weird obsessions in film and the media. Make a mark with your nails. The combination of demon nun-faces, religious symbols, as well blood splatters is sure to give you Goosebumps.

Lord Drip Halloween Nails

What a strange idea! The simple application of this on white pointed nails is powerful. This adds a final touch to your costume of vampires. Pro tip: For more depth, add a little black nail varnish to the nail beds or around the edges of the drips.

Jack-o’-Lantern Nails for Halloween

Nothing says quiet and still Halloween Costume Nails better than a row full of jack-o’-lanterns. Each “facial expression” this year is unique. A lot of people have difficulty free-handling. Let’s reduce the design and see how you do with the stamping tools.

Halloween Nails with Monsters & Mummies

This cartoon-like character is great for kids and adults. Each nail is unique by breaking down the design into its elements. You can use dotting tools to paint your eyes.

Nails for Halloween with Bloodshot Eyeballs

You can see this video instruction to see how to achieve the creepy look of bloodshot eyes. Keep in mind that it is easy to think that someone is watching every move. When wearing the Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skeleton Costume, you should aim for this nail. Scientists’ labs have stripes and pumpkins. Halloween is incomplete without this.

Gucci Snake

Hang Nguyen’s Gucci-inspired snake nail art is almost unique. It’s all about the details. We can’t help but stare at the translucent, brilliant, lacquered snake’s body, the sparkling red ribbon running through its body and the tiny tongue which has been divided into two.

Disco Ghosts

India Jade, a U.K.-based nail artist, added these cute little ghosts to the manicure. They seem to be having an eerie party at a glittering dance club. This Gel Bottle’s Lavender flax is covered in glitter to give it a glamorous look.


It may take you several months to choose and organize your Halloween outfit. You will need to either refine your handmade costume or wait to order one online. However, if you’re looking for a way to spice up your Halloween costume but don’t want the full-on Halloween experience, then consider Halloween nail art.