Easy Cover Songs for Beginners to Play on Guitar

It can be a thrilling experience first to learn how to play the guitar. Both children and adults can benefit from the feeling of accomplishment that comes from finally completing a scale or chord sequence. But until you put your hard work to use by learning actual songs, the fundamental abilities you master won’t be able to develop and improve genuinely.

It’s difficult to start playing guitar. And it most certainly does not appear overnight. Never believe someone who claims there is a “shortcut” or that they learned anything overnight. The numerous hours of guitar classes or practice they had while no one was looking are what they are not showing you.

The secret to being a great guitarist or pianist who can play grand piano or digital is to practice constantly, even when no one is looking. We advise learning these hand-selected finest cover songs by mastering the chord progressions first if you intend to sing and play them.

The qualities listed below define an excellent starter song:

1. There aren’t many chords in it. A novice can play the full song after practicing just two or three chords! Really nice, no?

2. A beginner may easily locate the chords on the fretboard. When you initially begin, you are still growing calluses and get accustomed to choosing chords. Some chords are simply more challenging to reach than others and require more effort to master. The songs we selected here all contain easy-to-learn chords. We did mix in a few more challenging chords, but we also labeled those songs so you would be aware that the chords might be more challenging for you to pick up on your fretboard.

 You can immediately start playing if you meet these two requirements. After a few hours of practice, you ought to be ready to begin selecting your first chords and switching between them more quickly.

You’ll soon find yourself improving and perhaps even picking up a reverb pedal or two.

Now let’s go to the List !!

1)  “Stay With Me” By Sam Smith

Due to its simple chord structure and easy melody, this song is ideal for beginning guitarists as it doesn’t call for any complex skills, and the tempo lets you take a beat and position yourself.

As you develop muscle memory for the essentials, the repeated chords will help you in the long term. You will be able to remember many new elements thanks to the rhythm, repeated chords, and spacing between strumming patterns.

2)  “Creep,” by Radiohead

Even though Radiohead is arguably the most significant and influential band in the world, they haven’t produced a song more well-known than “Creep,” a melancholy tune from their 1993 album Pablo Honey. It should be noted that this song contains bar chords.

We bring that up to help you know what to expect rather than to scare you. Guitarists must master bar chords, and by mastering just a few primary barred forms, you may access major and minor chords on every part of the instrument. Learn the shapes of these bar chords first, then focus on producing the sound as accurately as possible.

3)  “Stand By Me” By Ben E. King

King’s song “Stand By Me” is the ideal synthesis of more complicated and conventional chords, with a slow start and brief lyrics. The tab for the song shows four different chords with plenty of space between them so that novices can modify them as necessary. In addition, the calming tune of “Stand By Me” helps calm your nerves if you experience anxiety before performing. Also, think of more excellent fingerstyle guitar songs.

4)  “Giving Up The Gun,” by Vampire Weekend

Although meticulously crafted melodies like this one may appear highly complex and challenging to perform, they are not. The song “Giving Up The Gun” by Vampire Weekend has the same chord progression. This is one of the best beginner cover songs because of the basic chords and flexible rhythm; feel free to invent your own strumming pattern!

5)  “Three Little Birds” By Bob Marley

It is a simple and pleasurable guitar piece to learn because of its calming melody and straightforward chord progression. Even though only three of them exist, they serve as the basis for learning how to play the guitar.

6)  “Wildest Dreams” By Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s “Wildest Dreams,” though an unexpected tune for guitar beginners, makes a great introduction to the fundamental chords. You’ll see how well-spaced the chords are on the tab. If you like Taylor Swift, the song’s fame will make it simpler to recall and more pleasurable to perform.

7)  “Cause I’m a Man,” by Tame Impala

Tame Impala is the most influential Australian band. The Australian music scene has taken over the world of popular music. Major 7th chords are used in this tune, which is uncommon in basic guitar literature.

8)  “Beth Rest,” by Bon Iver

For this song, a capo is required. These tools adjust the guitar’s range by clamping onto the fretboard. Your left hand will continue to play the same forms, but the chords will change. Although this song appears straightforward on paper, the rhythm can be challenging to grasp, so spend plenty of time honing the chord progressions before attempting to sing. Also, remember that it’s acceptable to merely play with these songs without singing them.

9)  “Chasing Cars” By Snow Patrol

Because of this song’s steady tempo, you will have plenty of time to adapt your hands and fingers to the more complex chord progressions. You’ll see that the tab has generous spacing and consistently spaced chords. The song’s tempo is ideal for teaching novices the more complex but fundamental chords they will need to master to play progressive songs.

10)  “Time Of Your Life” By Greenday

There are numerous ways to perform the Good Riddance strumming rhythm (Time of Your Life.) One of the most popular patterns is The Old Faithful Strumming, which I appreciate. This song sounds fantastic! You can use it entirely while experimenting with certain dynamic adjustments.

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