EastEssence: Five Muslim female influencers to follow for fashion tips

With the increasing hype of social media, coming across as influencers is no novelty. There are several platforms that offer these people a space to create and share their ideas conveniently. And with each rising social media platform comes the army of influencers of that platform. Influencers are social media users with a significantly larger fan following than most people. These influencers have the power to influence their followers’ decisions, hence the name. This is why a lot of brands offer influencers brand deals. Influencers promote brands’ products to their followers and get paid by the brand in return. Despite many hurdles and prejudice, there has been a rise in Muslim female fashion influencers. They have taught their followers that one can be fashionable and still be true to their roots. EastEssence offers the latest Islamic fashion which anyone can buy using EastEssence offers. Here are the top five female Muslim fashion influencers: 

  1. Amena Khan: Amena is a British Indian Muslim woman who is a very popular fashion influencer. She posts videos, pictures, etc. on Instagram and other social media apps to her thousands of followers. Her domain includes beauty, cosmetics, personal care, home, motherhood, and fashion. She is often seen sporting traditional south Asian attire such as a lehenga and saree. One of the most notable posts of Amena was when she went into a pool fully covered. Her swimsuit covered her arms and legs to her hands and feet. This helped push the message that fashion can be modest. She showed her followers that one doesn’t need to show skin to enjoy a day at the pool. She is also often seen wearing fashionably forward clothes without showing too much skin. Amena has helped open Muslim youth up to the world of fashion and beauty. EastEssence offers many clothes that can help you replicate Amena’s style. EastEssence clothes are modest yet trendy. Shop using the EastEssence promo codes and be a modest baddie on a budget. 
  2. Huda Kattan: if you keep up with the Islamic fashion world, it is almost impossible to not know Huda Kattan. She started her journey off as a YouTuber, posting fashion tips and advice videos. From there, her audience grew by leaps and bounds. After a very long stint on youtube as a content creator, Huda finally launched her brand. This beauty brand is called HudaBeauty, after Huda herself. She was one of the very first brands to make makeup for darker skin tones. Being middle eastern herself, Huda knew the struggle of not having the correct shade of makeup. She has been working in the fashion industry for a long time and is a role model. Many Muslim youngsters look up to her not only for fashion advice but also for life advice. She has broken many barriers and cemented herself as one of the most popular female Muslim influencers today. Shop on EastEssence to follow Huda’s fashion tips. Avail the EastEssence discount codes and money while being fashionable.
  3. Jaserah: although a comparatively newer influencer, Jaserah has managed to make big waves in the Islamic fashion world. She goes by “simplyjaserah” on Instagram and is an Indian American Muslim fashion influencer. Jaserah is always seen sporting her hijab proudly on the social media platform. She posts videos and reels building outfits that are modest yet stylish. Some of her fashion tips include incorporating athleisure into daily wear, airport outfit ideas, etc. What sets Jaserah apart is that her fashion choices and tips are very affordable. Nothing she posts about is extravagant or larger than life. This helps her followers to relate better with her and trust her when it comes to modest fashion. EastEssence is the one-stop shop for all things Islamic fashion. It offers a wide variety of full-body coverage clothing items at affordable prices. Head on to the EastEssence website and avail EastEssence coupon codes to save a pretty penny. 
  4. Omaya Zein: Omaya is a Muslim fashion influencer settled in the USA. She is often seen posting cute fashionable videos with her husband. But Omaya’s content isn’t just limited to fashion. She has been very open about her journey with infertility and her struggle to conceive. She bravely talks about topics that the Islamic world usually shuns. Recently, her Instagram feed has been full of maternity fashion looks. She manages to look trendy, fashionable, and modest all while being pregnant. From burkinis to abayas, Omaya can pull off anything. Head to EastEssence and shop for clothes to replicate Omaya’s unique style. Do not forget to use the EastEssence deals for better prices.
  5. Fatima de Tetuan: This twenty-one-year-old fashion powerhouse has thousands of followers. Although she doesn’t show her face fully online, Fatima still manages to look super fashionable. She is often seen incorporating chunky boots, puffer jackets, and other cool things in her outfits. Fatima keeps up with the latest trends without losing her religious identity in the process. She often uniquely styles regular-looking fashion products, setting her apart from the crowd. Check out the EastEssence discount coupon codes and buy affordable Islamic fashion just like Fatima’s. 

These women have taken fashion for Muslim women to another level. Muslim female fashion influencers are paving the way for the newer generations of Muslim girls and boys. They are teaching young Muslims how fashion can be modest and honest to one root. Society as a whole is opening its eyes to the fact that fashion can be different than its conventional definition. This is why a surge in online stores selling Islamic fashion has been seen recently. A lot of these stores are run by Muslim women looking to make a difference in their community. One such online store is EastEssence which sells good quality Islamic fashion. From abayas and shrugs to hijabs and burqas, EastEssence has it all. It offers an assortment of affordable, durable, and fashionable clothing items. EastEssence’s clothes are very trendy and still allow the wearer to be modest. Head on to the official EastEssence website and indulge in some EastEssence shopping for the new year.