Dry-Looking Makeup? Here are 5 Simple Fixes

People commonly deem that the use of makeup is to hide impurities and imperfections. The notion may be true in many ways. But using makeup should not be limited to just this. For many individuals, wearing makeup is also a form of self-expression that embodies their creativity, personality, and mood. In short, it is a form of art wherein the canvas is the person’s face.

Just like any art, makeup can be a hobby or something that relaxes a person. It can be their way of connecting to themselves, understanding their emotions, and portraying themselves artistically and fashionably. Covering up flaws and expressing themselves how they want makes people feel better, leading to a boost in confidence.

However, some instances might hinder you from bringing out the best in your makeup look, such as dry-looking makeup. Not using the right facial cleansing products, failing to moisturize enough, and the wrong exfoliation is just some mistakes that may lead to this mishap.
Furthermore, the wrong application of makeup products and using layers of matte and powdered products can also result in dry-looking makeup. Here are some steps you may take to fix such a makeup situation.

Make skin care a habit

Your face is not like your hair that can look good even without washing it. The foundation of flawless makeup is what’s underneath. To make beautiful art, you must create a beautiful canvas to paint on.

Incorporate a skincare routine that complements your skin type and addresses your skin problems. You need essential products for smooth and glowing skin: cleanser, exfoliant, toner, serum, and moisturizer.

Wash your face regularly with a gentle facial cleanser; however, if you suffer from problems like acne, you can opt to use an acne-fighting wash. After cleansing, you should use a toner, which freshens and preps your skin to absorb the succeeding products.

Multiple serums available can address whichever skin problem you wish to reduce. It can be for dry skin, acne, acne marks, wrinkles, and other skin issues. Last is the moisturizer, which locks up the products and moisture inside the skin barrier, leading to optimum results.

Exfoliate regularly

Merely washing your face only removes layers of dirt on the surface. Damage caused by the weather, harsh products, skin conditions, and aging could be one of the reasons you have dry-looking makeup. Dead skin cells are one of the most common challenges, but it does not efface just by washing, so you need to step up your game and exfoliate.

You can use either physical or chemical exfoliation. However, if your problem is dry skin, physical exfoliation may do you more harm than good. It can cause dehydration and small tears in the skin. On the other hand, chemical exfoliants go deeper within the pores to remove the bond that holds the dead skin, so it will be easier to wipe it away without causing physical damage.

However, when we say exfoliate regularly, we don’t mean daily. Excessive exfoliation can also damage your skin, so limiting this practice to at least twice a week is best. You can also exfoliate your lips to remove dry skin, by doing this, it will be easier to put on lipstick and find the right shade for your skin tone.

Skip your foundation

Although it may be an essential part of a makeup routine, sometimes it is better to skip the foundation, especially if you suffer from dry skin. The foundation might cling to the dry flakes, giving you a cakey look. Moreover, some foundations can contribute to a drier skin texture, emphasizing what you want to cover up. 

To look fresh without foundation, you have two options to choose from. You can use BB or CC cream as a makeup base. BB cream is hydrating, making your skin look more radiant while giving light coverage. If you have uneven skin tone and want to cover them up, CC cream might work better as it has color-correcting properties aside from its hydrating and anti-aging benefits.

Using either can even help you achieve a more natural and fresh no-makeup makeup look.

Apply your powder wisely

Dry skin does not mean skipping powders. You should not inhibit yourself from experiencing the wonders of a powder just because you think it would ruin your look. It is still essential to your routine as it can give your makeup a lasting effect.

The key to using powder if you have dry skin is only to apply it to certain parts. Brush it over the area that needs more coverage—ones that are more likely to get oily throughout the day. Some of these include the nose and forehead. Leave the cheeks powder-free.

Use setting spray

After finishing every step in your makeup routine, the last thing you should do is to melt down all the powder using a setting spray. Not only does it remove the overly powdered appearance, it also makes you look fresher and more radiant while extending the life of your look. However, you would need to find the best setting spray for you.

Dry skin does not bode well with a matte setting spray as dry and dry won’t magically produce dewy and fresh. You need to consider a setting spray that is mineral rich and can give you natural and healthy-looking skin.

Fresh Look Even with Makeup

If you want to hide those dry and flaky skin, you may think wearing makeup is the definite answer. But, it is not as easy as you think, considering that layering your face with multiple products cannot skillfully cover up these so-called flaws.

There are simple fixes that can easily improve your makeup. The best thing you can do is target the main issue, which is your skin, by following a skincare routine that complements your skin type. Another thing you can do is remove dead skin that can cause flakiness on the surface by regularly exfoliating using chemical exfoliants.

In applying your makeup, one option is to switch your foundation to a BB or CC cream as a makeup base to cover the dry areas more effectively and avoid further dryness. You can also not skip powders even if you are afraid of the texture they may give your skin, just apply them on certain parts that are likely to get oily. Finish it all with a setting spray to remove the dryness and extend your makeup look.