Does posting memes on social media make it easier to drive traffic to your website

This is a key question, that relates to all or any forms of participating social media posts – as a result of whereas these types of trending updates garner Likes and comments, do they profit from the stats that touch on your business?

I mean, Likes and followers are great; however, what you wish is conversions relative to what it means for your business. For SMT, we are operating to induce as many folks to browse our posts as possible, and as you have seemingly noticed, we have recently been attempting memes as the simplest way to spice up engagement and see what that gets us in this respect.

First, a short time background…

We are invariably trying to do new things, and test out the most recent trends and processes, not simply because it would facilitate the North American nation to generate additional traffic and build community, but conjointly because that’s what we tend to write off. If we are aiming to write about it, we had like to understand and comprehend it the maximum amount as possible, to make sure that what we are human activity is correct and is smart for our audience during this respect, we are always testing new approaches, apps, tools, etc.

In terms of posting, last year, we tried out polls on Twitter and LinkedIn and question posts on Facebook to check if they had facilitated driving a lot of engagement. and that they did – these sorts of audience-prompting updates garnered a heap of Likes and comments. however, after we cross-checked this against Google Analytics tracking, we did not see an enormous transaction in sessions or users visiting the site.

That’s to not say that these are not valuable. However, we tend to ben’t shifting the needle during any vital means on our key metrics. At constant times, too several polls will get annoying. In our experience, they’re a motivating tool to use in moderation but not a vast driver of our final aims.

Yet, at the same time, our social traffic, like all platforms, tends to own ups and downs – and in a down amount this year, we set to undertake one thing new bathe the feed and provide our audience something else to interact with, and perhaps lighten the mood a touch at constant time.

Write down memes

The inspiration during this instance came from SEMRush, who’ve conjointly tested out memes as a way to spice up engagement and build community.

SEMRush’s expertise saw them considerably increase their social engagement by posting timely, on-trend, niche memes. thus we tend to thought we’d provide it with a try to envision if that helps drive a lot of interest in our articles.

The first step, of course, is making relevant, partaking memes. that isn’t forever easy. several of our memes ne’er created it out of the check phase, with some failing once viewed within the templates. Some that we’ve denoted additionally haven’t connected in the means that we’d hoped. however, this can be the sport – if you’re about to post memes, you’re going to have hits and duds, and you simply ought to endure it. I imagine it’s identical to a comedian, a number of the jokes work, and a few don’t. however, ideally, a lot of them get a laugh than not Which, luckily, our memes have.

On average, the memes that we’ve announced are generating around one hundred thirty-five Likes on Facebook, which has helped them generate considerably additional reach than our average post, whereas they’re conjointly acting powerfully on each Twitter and LinkedIn.And they’re fun. The manner I read them is just like the comic section of the normal newspaper, a light-hearted moment between the news updates and informational elements


In our case, once comparison our overall social media performance against the previous three months before we tend to start posting memes, we’ve seen a 12% increase in sessions from social and a 16% increase in users.

That’s not a colossal shift, however, once you’re operating with the ebbs and flows of referral traffic, similarly as changes in analytics because of shifting knowledge regulations, any increase is positive, and a double-digit jump is unquestionably priced the| and worth the} effort. this is often solely around a month of data, so it’s not definitive, and there also are alternative factors to contemplate that would influence the results. however, the numbers, therefore far, recommend that it’s worth jutting with – and as noted, it’s fun too, adding a touch more relatability to our presence, as hostile simply the newest news.

A few other notes:

Some commenters are getting to take your memes. Literally, irrespective of it’s what you post. There’ll continually be a few comments like, ‘well, actually, the fact is that…’ Yes. we tend to know. These aren’t meant to be literal; they’re a flash of light-heartedness amongst our regular, promoting strategy-focused news updates.

We’ve found that more general memes work higher than trending ones. a few of the memes, wherever we’ve tried to faucet into news events, just like the changes to Twitter verification, haven’t done in addition to jokes regarding more common social media marketing experiences. This also, of course, relates to the memes themselves, and whether or not they’re funny, however in many examples, trending topics haven’t been as huge a hit. Every culture may be a little bit of a risk. You’re making an attempt to seek out commonalities along with your audience, and a few things that you simply would possibly assume are common won’t resonate. you would like to understand your niche and know your community, that takes some experimentation – and a great deal of analysis (I’ve been writing regarding social media trends for eight years). One guy on LinkedIn keeps oral communication that he’s jealous that we’re able to get these memes approved by management. For people who don’t know, SMT is a commentary team of 2 (2) people. Approval, in this sense, isn’t precisely a barrier.

We’re presently programming around one acculturation daily on every platform, again, taking that newspaper comic approach. perhaps we tend to miss a day here and there. However, that’s a general aim, as one thing to stay that engagement flowing and keep the recreation price up.

Look, it’s not essentially a move into the park to keep developing with funny memes – and it’s going to be that we run out of ideas at some stage and suddenly, it becomes a great deal a lot of difficult. It’s conjointly not for everyone. developing a (relatively) clever joke that matches a meme example doesn’t always return easily, and there are days when you simply don’t have it, regardless of how onerous you stare at the screen. Except for a minor time commitment, it will seem a minimum of at this stage, like this, might be an honest thanks to facilitating interaction with your audience, which may conjointly drive direct traffic benefits. We’ll post another summary of our acculturation expertise three months in.