Do you want to undertake with Cleaning Companies? I tell you

Do you want to undertake with Cleaning Companies? I tell you, I have good news for you…

It’s easy, fast and anyone can create one.

More points in your favor:

Cleaning companies do not require a lot of investment, so with good management you can get a good return on investment, in a short time.

  • How to establish a competitive rate to get more clients.
  • How to describe your service to make it attractive.
  • The resources you’ll need to get started.
  • What are the legal obligations that your company will have.
  • Marketing strategies to promote your business.
  • Machinery and installations.
  • Essential tips that you should consider before creating the company.
  • Ready to get down to business? Very good, but first…

Take a look at the following info graphic. In it I show you some things you need to know…

Start with cleaning companies

As I mentioned in the info graphic, cleaning companies need to offer flexible services and rates to their customers.The key point in this type of company is creativity and innovation, with which the company is managed.You can use unusual raw materials, uniforms, employees, uses and tools that attract more customers.

On the other hand, we can also say that the name and logo of the cleaning companies can give you an extra point with respect to your competition.

By the way, if you are thinking of giving your company an environmentalist touch, I invite you to take a look at our article Ecological products to start a business  (It will be very helpful)

Now, let’s see point by point how to create a cleaning company

How to establish a competitive rate?

The fee depends on how clean you are.

There are 2 factors that influence the low rate of Rengøring Erhverv:

The high competition. So much demand and so many similar companies mean that prices have to be more competitive.

Unfortunately, everyone wants to be clean and have their things very neat. However, many believe that the people who do cleaning work are cheap labor (very poor, foreign and illegal).

That is why, to start with cleaning companies, emphasis should be placed on increasing productivity

  • How to get this?
  • You possibly can, if you use some of these tips:
  • Obtain machinery that speeds up cleaning.
  • Use standard cleaning techniques that reduce labor time with the same result.

“A clean and tidy place is not the one that is swept the most, but the one that gets the least dirty”

Shine up your Business Plan

In this case, we are going to focus on companies that offer a cleaning SERVICE. Forget that sign that says “Warning! Wet Floor” and change it to “Warning! Entrepreneurs cleaning”.

  • In this case it is cleaning.
  • Describe the Service:
  • How to describe your service to make it attractive?

To do that you must ask yourself:

What will be cleaned? Homes, buildings, private companies, government buildings, public spaces, means of transportation, etc.?

Is it indoor or outdoor cleaning? You must define the objective and the process well, because it tends to be confused with maintenance.

Who is your client? Housewives, singles, college campuses, individuals, groups of people, government entities, construction companies, companies that work with animals, event companies, film companies, etc.? Remember that the TV series CSI has taught us that there are also crime scene cleaners (it’s up to you to choose this unhappy niche market).

How will it be cleaned? Define cleaning techniques, machinery, process, etc. Also, you must define if your company offers: daily cleaning, periodic cleaning, punctual cleaning, cleaning by sectors or sustainable cleaning (Green Cleaning).

How to get the raw material? Define with whom and how you are going to acquire the cleaning products and machinery how is the payment, the guarantee, etc.

Additional tasks? Define if you will do advice, if you will do maintenance, sale of cleaning products, etc.

You can help yourself with this article: 10 Simple steps to create a maintenance plan

What will you need to get started?

Define the number of people you need to carry out a job, what characteristics they must have, what activity they are going to carry out, what machinery they are going to use, the policy for the use of machinery and customer treatment. It is worth telling you that you need to define the salary, the benefits, the employee’s obligations, the company’s obligations, if you need risk insurance and medical insurance, etc.

Having these aspects very clear before hiring staff will save you costs in future lawsuits.

Legal Obligations:

Define which are the laws that benefit and protect you and which are the legal obligations of your company. It would also be good if you included the types of fines you can face to shield yourself from them.

Fair Play:

The cleaning market is overcrowded with products and many of them are harmful to the environment. Investigate what are the obligations and ecological sanctions of your country with respect to the protection of the environment and the use of cleaning chemicals. In many cases, governments favor (with credits, concessions, contracts and financing) companies that because the least ecological damage possible.