Different houseplants You Must Buy In a Plant Store

Getting plants in the home is beneficial for several aspects including the decoration purposes, environment and health. That’s why more people prefer to enrich their homes with beautiful flowers and plants. When you visit a plant store for shopping, you may be confused about which one you should buy. The countless available options and varieties of stunning plants make it hard to select so few while neglecting others. However, you must know the potential options before you visit the nursery to save time. Let’s know some amazing plants you can buy for your home.

A few must-have plant options 

Snake plant

This is one of the commonly known house plants used widely to decorate in interior and exterior. The plant does not just look stunning, but it serves several benefits such as air purification, boosted mental health, indoor air filtration, and many others. The sword-like straight structure of the leaves makes them attractive in appearance. 

Due to their appealing look and health benefits, they are considered one of the best options for decorating an interior.

Note: Leaves of the plant are poisonous; therefore, keep your pets and children away.

Devil’s Ivy

Also known as Epipremnum aureum, the vine grows significantly within a small period. The plant can be grown in different types of vases, including hanging ones or any other type of vase. The leaves of the plant are in heart shape and bigger in size. 

The plant does not demand high maintenance and can tolerate even a drought. It can grow well without the need for fertilisation. You can water the Devil’s Ivy once a week in the summer and every Fortnight in the winter.

Peace Lily

The plant has the botanical name Spathiphyllum and is one of the great choices when it comes to houseplants. The leaves of the plant are dark green in colour, and the blooms are white. The plant has the capability to grow up to 65 centimetres in height. The plant can grow well in indirect lighting and low brightness. However, if put in dark areas for longer, they may lose the capacity to produce healthy flowers.

This is also among the low-maintenance plants and can grow inevitably with less amount of care. Watering once a week is enough for the plant, and the water frequency can be reduced in the winter seasons. Make sure that the soil of the plant does not stay too moisturised for a longer period, as it may raise the chance of root rot.

Flamingo Flower

If you crave a colourful ambiance, this is one of the best choices for your home. The plant produces extremely beautiful white and pink heart-shaped flowers. The plant has long and leathery leaves, and it appreciates indirect light. Keep the soil a little wet in the warmer months and dry in the cold season.

Variegated monstera

This plant is a rare plant that can make your home look unique. The faded green to the white colour of the plant’s leaves make them appear appealing. This faded colour is produced due to a lack of green pigmentation in the leaf cells. Several other factors and cultivation practices are responsible for the colours of the plant’s leaves. As variegated monstera is rare, it may cost you more than other plants available in a nursery. 

Final words

When you are collecting plants in your home, you must consider which ones are appropriate for you. It is essential to look for less demanding plants to save time and effort. You can buy the above-mentioned low-maintenance plants that will make your home look fresh and toxin-free. Go to a nearby plant store or shop online to make them a part of your home.