Business is obviously extremely technology based in 2015. Having a website for your business in these days is a critical task. However, many businesses still fail to design a website properly and ultimately harm their image. Restaurants are the most notorious example of business that fail to market themselves through their website. This can be catastrophic and will cut you out from many potential customers who try to research places before eating out. Paying a professional to design your website can be costly though, especially when restaurants that normally operate on Website für restaurants slim margins. Because of this, it is much cheaper to design your own website. This is not difficult as long as you follow the basic tips I list below. All these tips come with an explanation and reasoning.

Keep your website simple.

  • This means do not use flashy graphics or lots of moving parts. These are ugly and make people want to close your website immediately.
  • Use a normal sized font and text. Weird fonts can be seen as unprofessional. Excessively large fonts will be seen as shouting and be considered aggressive.
  • Have all your links in obvious places. Someone looking up your website should not have to search through it to find your information.
  • Don’t have too many different pages. Most information should be on your home page.

Make information about your restaurant easy to find.

  • This means your location and hours.
  • Consider posting driving directions from major roads along with your location.
  • Your hours should be presented on the home page to be seen immediately.
  • A “Contact us” page should exist with your location and phone number.
  • Your policy for reserving or holding tables should also be listed on your website.

Have your menu on your website.

  • This is the most important thing to include on your website.
  • This should be presented in plain text. Do not make your potential customer download information in a PDF format or go through an annoying flash program to view your information. Remember, this should be the same as looking up any other kind of stores products. You don’t view Walmart’s catalog in a PDF file.
  • Prices should obviously be included.

List your specials

  • This can be Happy Hour or any other special event your restaurant offers.

Consider posting allergen information

  • Your restaurant should have a clearly defined position on managing allergens. If you do not accommodate people with allergies it should be stated.

Hospitality Websites for Restaurants and Catering Companies

Your company’s website can say a lot about your company. Was your website quickly thrown together or does it look professional and reflect positively on the company? A great hospitality website should provide all the information the reader/client could want or need, all while remaining interesting and entertaining. It is important that there is something that distinguishes your website from every other website on the Internet. Designing successful hospitality websites and restaurant websites can seem challenging, but presenting an appealing website is an essential piece to marketing your company.

There are a number of things that every great hospitality website should have. Firstly, be sure to have a clear and easy-to use content management system (cms) on your webpage. This will ensure that the flow of information continues effortlessly between the company and customer. The main heading and subheadings should be easy to search through so potential customers can easily get to the information they are looking for. It is also important that your website look modern and organized. A website that is too busy or outdated is may overwhelm a customer or lead them to think your company is outdated.

Large amount of information

With the large amount of information available on the web, people are becoming less and less likely to pick up the phone to get information. For example, a potential customer for a catering company wants to visit the company’s website to research catering options for a party. The potential customer is more likely to book with this catering company if they are able to effortlessly gather all the information they need from the website. The catering company’s website would be even more effective if the customer can get a quote and book the order completely online. It is fast and easy, which is exactly what most people are looking for in this busy and fast-paced world. If a website is too difficult to navigate or does not provide enough information, a potential customer will likely search for a different company whose website provides everything they are looking for.

If a customer is looking to book a room at a hotel, it is important that the hotel’s website provide rate information and clear pictures of the hotel room and grounds. Potential customers like to know exactly what they are getting for their money, so the information a website provides, the more likely a customer is to book a room or make a purchase. Website für restaurants Be sure to clearly list the hotel amenities, such as a cafe or swimming pool.

A websites presentation is crucial to the success of the website. In order for a hospitality website to be successful, it must look professional. Some websites like to play music as a backdrop or offer a slideshow of pictures. While these are nice ideas, they can sometimes be distracting to the customer. Be certain that the website is straightforward in the way it provides information. The aesthetic side of website design is also very important. A website should be pleasing to view and not confuse the viewer. Many companies measure their website success by how high and often they appear in a search engines search results. The key to consistently appearing is to update yourself often.