Delivery Management Software For Efficient Delivery Operations & Superior Customer Experience

Delivery management software is essential for simplifying Ecommerce delivery processes. This is accomplished by linking Ecommerce and logistics systems and information on the order, inventory, fleet, and driver availability. Delivery management software makes it easier for businesses to accomplish delivery, from route planning and dispatch to live customer tracking and digital proof of delivery. It does this by digitising and linking the many elements and processes involved in the delivery.

What is delivery management software?

It is a tool for streamlining the delivery procedure from start to finish. Both drivers (agents) and end users can benefit from it. Agents can automate pickup and dispatch procedures and get optimum routes for speedy client delivery. On the other side, end users can view all driver information and follow the status of their packages in real-time. In addition, customers can phone the driver to find out the status of their shipments.

Features of Delivery Management System 


Shipper integration is a significant last-mile pain point for logistics companies. Retailers and brands also suffer since they frequently need to manage several third-party suppliers to handle their vast e-commerce volumes and struggle with delivery visibility. Although only significant platforms often enable the necessary interfaces between shipper and delivery provider systems, delivery management software can still resolve this issue.

Delivery Management System is Flexible and Available

Depending on the size and kind of organisation, a different individual will be in charge of the delivery management software. Large firms can have a team of users, including dispatchers, operational leaders, or numerous delivery managers for each group or location, but smaller businesses could only have one delivery manager. To dispatch their drivers, monitor their routes, and manage their delivery flows, many significant corporations will outsource their deliveries to a contractor and wish to grant access to their software to the contractor’s delivery managers.

Dispatch Management 

Any on-demand delivery solution’s key component, dispatch management, gives operational teams an interface for planning driver pickups and deliveries. Good dispatch management reduces the amount of time it takes to decide who should be given a task by having a comprehensive, end-to-end view of the delivery company as a whole (granular and aggregated KPIs).


One of the visibility’s most significant benefits is the ability to collect and measure data on many elements of your delivery operations. A Delivery management system makes it easy to collect and create data from many delivery service components, like inventory location, order position on the way, customer insight into order status, etc. However, businesses can not always know how to use such data. Therefore, despite the use of technology for increasing visibility, the task of using data to identify precisely where modifications are required becomes more challenging.

Route Optimisation 

Route optimisation is a crucial component of delivery operations since it involves planning the most efficient routes for delivery drivers, selecting the best driver or provider for a given delivery, and other actions that speed up delivery and enhance volume capacity. Most route-optimization software will adjust routes depending on one variable, such as the shortest delivery time or the cheapest delivery cost. In addition, driver, fleet, order, and customer factors will be considered when dispatching and routing via delivery management software. Each variable will be given weighting depending on your specific business procedures.

GoBOLT has a significant future opportunity for adding new delivery systems to this platform, such as systems integration services, standardized ERP platforms for MFOs, brokering, insurance, resale, and servicing. 

GoBOLT delivery management system improves efficiency in delivery operations and helps in better customer experience. Its innovative truck empanelment techniques, including short-term, long-term, and spot models, enable them to integrate the whole ecosystem under a standardized service network. They cooperate as an N/W/S lane-spanning, highly integrated network, technology, and physical assets. Vehicles are tracked in real-time with accurate ETA due to map technologies and historical route data from GoBOLT.GoBOLT, a tech-enabled logistics player, is an industry expert in new-age end-to-end logistics services with SaaS-based solutions. Founded in 2015, it works to streamline the supply chain model and upscale the Indian logistics industry.