CPG Marketing Trends Your Company Should Look Out for in 2023

You should always consider the latest consumer packaged goods marketing strategies when designing your resealable packaging, as this approach boosts brand recognition and product sales. However, the CPG marketing landscape has changed drastically over the past few years, leaving some campaigns outdated. Fortunately, you can get ahead with these emerging trends.

Incorporating Live Feed Marketing

It’s all about streaming nowadays, especially if you want to appeal to the younger crowd. Consumers like live feed sales because they offer a connection that other forms of online shopping can’t provide. Of course, just hitting the streaming button on social media doesn’t guarantee success — you must create a cohesive plan to maximize the effect.

For instance, you should advertise your upcoming live stream. Generate buzz with playful posts highlighting the main points your future content will touch on. You want to give consumers just enough information to whet their appetites without offering so many details that they feel it’s not worth tuning in.

You should also make each live feed feel like a special occasion, even if you stream frequently. The following are great ways to make your stream unique:

  • Give a virtual tour of your workspace
  • Feature a popular influencer
  • Stream a concert
  • Demonstrate your product’s uses
  • Debut a new product

Importance of Green Companies Rising

Customers want sustainable products and packaging — they’re even willing to pay a little more for them. For example, consumers may prefer compostable digital printed coffee bags over plastic options because they produce less waste. Choosing sustainable packaging also signals that your company values the environment, drawing customers who appreciate corporate responsibility.

That said, you must genuinely go green instead of just paying lip service. Companies that greenwash get pushback and may even lose customers over their strategies. It’s better to commit, as you’ll also benefit from the change:

  • Lower costs
  • More storage space
  • Toxin-free packaging

Growing Focus on E-Commerce

The e-commerce market exploded in 2020, and while some shoppers have returned to retail outlets, many remain online due to the convenience. As a result, companies must invest in a previously uncommon business model: direct-to-consumer.

DTC offers lower costs to consumers and greater brand loyalty for manufacturers. Of course, poor website design and limited internet literacy can sabotage DTC attempts. To create an efficient online storefront, you need to work with web development professionals, update your website regularly and keep an eye on the latest technology.

Increased Customer Expectations

It’s a simple fact that as companies try to outdo one another, customer expectations rise. Why buy from a business that doesn’t offer overnight shipping when the next search result does? You should always have an eye on the competition so you don’t fall behind.

A good example is omnichannel speed. Most consumers utilize several electronic devices to shop; they expect to move from one to another seamlessly. Of course, this requires investment in user interfaces and data infrastructure, a hefty expense that’s sure to pay off.

As you consider mylar bags custom designs, think about the role your packaging plays in marketing. By looking at the larger picture, you can create a CPG advertising campaign that boosts your sales and expands your customer base.