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SL618 Live, WPC16 and WPC15: Is Online Sabong Legal/Legal? Sabong or joking has long been a Filipino tradition. I vividly remember my neighbors taking me to jail when I was a child. But like many things, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced this Filipino event to adapt to digital trends. What used to be a battleground derby has become a threat not only to the Philippines but also to international viewers.

What is online Sabong like sl618 Live, WPC16 and WPC15? The website of the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) defines live online sabong, or Sabong, as “online betting / remote or off-site / betting on games, events and / or it is the event of live streaming or broadcasting live from the cockpit area(s) authorized or authorized by the local government department having its jurisdiction.”

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Is new online legal / legitimate?

Live sabongs in the cockpit are legal under certain conditions. This is coordinated by the local government units (LGUs). The Cockfighting Act 1974 states that “Cockfighting is permitted only in licensed ports on Sundays and public holidays and public holidays for a maximum of three days”.

However, it is clear that this law does not cover online sabong. So, once upon a time, it is a gray area where online sabong exists in current Philippine law.

In December 2020, members of Congress passed the second reading on Bill 8065 “to impose a tax on the activities of gambling sites and licensed fighting in the country.”

If you go to the PAGCOR website, you will see that there is already a section dedicated to E-Sabong. It also gives you access to a schedule that describes the application process and the rights of online sabong operators.

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So, is Sabong legal / legitimate? It depends on the operator with which you make transactions (the operator’s examples are SL618 LIVE, WPC16 and WPC15). Only authorized PAGCOR employees are allowed to operate online sabong.

Live SL618, WPC16 and WPC15

SL618 Live, WPC16 and WPC15 are among the most popular online news sites. If you visit these sites, you will see that their sabong online registration pages indicate that they are authorized by PAGCOR. To ensure that you are transacting with a legitimate operator, it is best to check with PAGCOR themselves to ensure that your participation is completely legal. link sl618

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How to register for Sabong Online and Access Dashboard

To register for sabong live online, all you have to do is visit the PAGCOR official website and create an account before accessing the dashboard. The information you usually need to provide is your first and last name, phone number, Facebook account, and username and password. Interestingly, on sites like SL618 and WPC16, when you go to their registration page, you can contact their Customer Service Representative (CSR) on mobile, Viber or Whatsapp and if you don’t have an account yet.