Citizenship by investment go online due to covid-19:

You can similarly purchase citizenship online without visiting the nation. A comfort provided by citizenship by investment programs lawfully working in 10 nations. This suggests that you can purchase an identification completely online from simply the comfort of your home. This shopping thought was the establishments of Citizenship Shop, when launched our online entryway in 2020.


  1. Put resources into a Dual citizenship 
  2. Purchase a land in return for citizenship 
  3. Relatives additionally become residents 
  4. Quick track citizenship for investors
  5. No visit required/Order on the web

Investment Options in 2020 & beyond:

There are number of travelling choices accessible under citizenship-by-investment. Citizenship-by investment programs pull in various high total assets people in creating countries, hoping to include a second visa in their travelling portfolio. A second identification provides a more remarkable movability alongside visa free travel opportunity.

  • Commitment to Government fund 
  • Affirmed Real home trip
  • Affirmed Business/Enterprise investment
  • Affirmed Government securities, Share capital or Investment assets 
  • Bank store 

In 2019, there are nearly 14 citizenship by investment accessible on the planet. The accompanying rundown of nations that have official and legal resident by investment programs. We will likewise analyze the estimation of these travel papers utilizing three distinctive identification arranging lists. 

  • Dominica and St Lucia are the least expensive citizenship programs for single people 
  • Antigua is the least expensive citizenship program for families 
  • St Kitts is the most impressive Caribbean identification regarding visa free travel. 
  • Grenada and turkey have connection with United States, so turning into a resident you get the opportunity to apply for non-worker visa to United States.

What are the benefits of obtaining a Dual citizenship? 

The advantages of a dual visa can cover numerous everyday issues, including individual security, political freedom, and money related opportunity. The advantages you appreciate with a second identification will depend generally on your explanations behind securing one. In any case, there are a few advantages of second identifications that can apply to all candidates: 


On the off chance that there is political distress in an individual’s nation of origin, a second identification from a peaceful country can be important. This gives incredible significant calmness to financial specialists and their families.

Business opportunities:

Citizenship by travelling programs give members the opportunity to work together in their host nation. It additionally involves financial specialists who can travel abroad unconditionally and explore worldwide business openings. 

Tax management:

Double citizenship can be useful for charge improvement purposes, as every nation has unique duty guidelines. For instance, a few nations don’t burden capital additions, or just charge pay that has been earned in that nation. This permits financial specialists to deal with their profit for more productively. 


Numerous citizenship by investment programs offer to relatives of the candidate, permitting financial specialists to make a superior life for their partners and kids. Second identifications offer access to overall chances and assets, including medicinal services and training.


A dual citizenship can support investors or their kids to get to education openings in schools far and wide. Double citizenship can qualify planned alternates for residential education costs rather than universal expenses, making higher level education which is increasingly available. 

Who can acquire a dual visa? 

Your second visa choices will rely upon a few factors, for example, your present citizenship, the favored nation for your dual citizenship, and your family heritage. There are three fundamental techniques for acquiring a dual visa; citizenship by investment, naturalization, and citizenship by travelling. Winvested consultancy administrations Dubai has practical experience in citizenship by travelling, which is frequently the quickest and most effortless approach to acquire a dual visa.

Why winvested consultancy?

Customers are progressively profound on investigating the choices and flexibility that a second identification which manages them. Second passport company Dubai spend significant time in helping people to acquire second identifications and citizenship by means of financial investment. There are various citizenship by investment and second visa openings in both Europe and the Rest of the World, each associated with their own movement benefits. We can assist you with examining your condition and pick a second identification alternative that satisfies all your worldwide business and travel needs. Connect today and speak to one of our citizenship specialists. We can show you the second visa choices that will profit you the most.