CBD Seeds – An Alternative to THC-Rich Weed

CBD Seeds have become a growing trend as an alternative to THC-rich marijuana. They’re grown with a hemp background, which reduces their THC content and makes them legal in countries where cannabis isn’t legal. Medical patients seeking a focused relaxation effect without psychoactivity often turn to CBD seeds from reliable seed companies.

High CBD Strains

CBD Seeds are a popular option among medical cannabis patients who wish to maximize therapeutic effects while keeping THC levels minimal. The non-psychoactive compound has numerous health advantages and is often used to reduce stress, ease anxiety and pain, as well as promote sleep.

With so many strains available on the market, it’s not hard to find one that meets your requirements. High-CBD varieties can help relieve stress, reduce symptoms of chronic illness or even promote a healthy immune system.

In addition to therapeutic advantages, low-THC varieties are great options for recreational users looking for an enjoyable experience without getting high or feeling the munchies. Many of these strains can be grown successfully by both beginners and experts alike – no need to invest in costly equipment or time-consuming techniques.

CBD Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze is a Sativa-dominant cannabis hybrid created by Amsterdam’s Green House Seed Company through crossbreeding Northern Lights and Skunk No. 1. This strain originated as part of an ambitious breeding project that crossed Northern Lights with Skunk No. 1.

In 1997 and 1999, this strain of cannabis won first place at three High Times Cannabis Cups. It boasts an array of effects and is highly sought-after for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic qualities as well as its capacity to boost energy levels and foster a positive outlook.

This strain’s CBD content makes it a perfect option for medical use. With an average THC to CBD ratio of around 1:1, this blend offers a balanced cerebral experience that may help alleviate stress, depression, chronic pain and inflammation.

It takes longer to flower than other strains, taking 9 weeks indoors and 11-12 weeks outdoors. On average, you can expect 10 ounces per square meter of forest-green buds coated in silver resin flakes.

CBD Cream & Cheese

This hybrid was bred with two powerful strains to offer the ultimate in relaxation: UK Cheese – a beloved Skunk #1 descendant known for its powerful sedative effects – and Seedsman CBD, an almost pure CBD strain. This strain is a treasure in the medical marijuana community for its relaxing effects. It’s used to address everything from chronic pain and depression, to anxiety and stress.

Additionally, it has a sedative effect that helps you fall into deep sleep, so you can wake up feeling rested and less stressed. When cultivating CBD Cream & Cheese, opt for a hydroponic medium for faster growth and greater harvests. Low-stress training techniques like Sea of Green or the Scrog net can also be employed to keep plants from getting too tall and maximize yield potential.

CBD Auto Blackberry Kush

CBD Auto Blackberry Kush is an Indica-dominant strain that thrives in any growing medium, producing abundant resinous buds after just 13 weeks. Her Indica characteristics mean she takes on purple and blue hues typical to her species, making her ideal for cultivators seeking sweet yet subtle cannabis with fruity notes.

Growing this variety is ideal for beginners, as it requires little care and produces large XL yields. Plus, it grows quickly in an indoor grow tent without much hassle. Auto flowering cannabis with an impressive CBD content of less than 1%. It has an intense aroma, as well as a taste that’s predominantly fruity and earthy.