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The “White Working Class” and the Road Forward

Sam Gindin, a Canadian academic and former researcher for the Canadian Auto Workers, published an article in Jacobin called “Toward a Mass Socialist Party”. The topic is the burning question on the left, doubly so after the spectacular self-immolation of the Democratic Party in a loss to Donald J. Trump, so Gindin’s article deserves a … Continue reading

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After Dallas: Continue the Struggle for Justice!

After Dallas: Continue the Struggle for Justice! Black people in the U.S. are under attack. There is a clear pattern of police violence against the Black community, including extrajudicial murders which go unpunished by a racist criminal justice system. The Black Lives Matter movement is fighting back and not giving in to pressure from cops … Continue reading

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Unemployment and Poverty, Inherent Features of Capitalism

Unemployment and Poverty, Inherent Features of Capitalism originally published in July 2016 by Left Voice John Leslie Millions of workers in the U.S. and around the world struggle to survive, often working low-wage, part-time jobs with no benefits. These victims of capitalism’s drive for profits must be at the center of a working class fightback. … Continue reading

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Israel, Palestine, Anti-Semitism and the US Left

Israel, Palestine, Anti-Semitism and the US Left Once the flagship of US Trotskyism, the US Socialist Workers Party is reduced to a rubber life raft of derailed sectarianism. The SWP was for decades a proponent of the liberation of the Palestinian people, but in recent years has changed to a position that can only be … Continue reading

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After a Trump Victory, We Will Fight Back!

  After a Trump Victory, We Will Fight Back! A Trump victory is a blow against the working class. In the face of a racist, sexist, xenophobic President, we must fight back! originally published on Left Voice Reactionary reality TV star and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump defeated former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton … Continue reading