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The “White Working Class” and the Road Forward

Sam Gindin, a Canadian academic and former researcher for the Canadian Auto Workers, published an article in Jacobin called “Toward a Mass Socialist Party”. The topic is the burning question on the left, doubly so after the spectacular self-immolation of the Democratic Party in a loss to Donald J. Trump, so Gindin’s article deserves a … Continue reading

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Socialist Alternative’s call for a new party is a dangerous halfway measure

Socialist Alternative’s call for a new party is a dangerous halfway measure John Leslie Seattle City Councilor Kshama Sawant’s recent article, It’s Not About Bernie: Why We Can’t Let Our Revolution Die in Philadelphia, raises some serious concerns about the direction of Socialist Alternative (SAlt) and their intervention in the Sanders campaign. In the article, … Continue reading

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Solidarity with Spring Antiwar Actions

Solidarity with Spring Antiwar Actions Steve X Unfortunately, it seems that UNAC’s “Spring Rising” demonstration only attracted a “few hundred” protesters. How could this be? How do we build a genuinely mass antiwar movement? The circumstances today are different from the period of the Vietnam war, but building an antiwar movement based on a united … Continue reading

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How should workers respond to right wing voter intimidation?

How should workers respond to right wing voter intimidation?  J Leslie An ultraright militia group called the Wisconsin Poll Watcher Militia, in an effort to suppress minority voting in the Wisconsin election, is planning to show up armed at polling places in majority Black precincts. The so-called Poll Watcher Militia wants to help reactionary Governor … Continue reading