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Ruling class consensus on Israel and Palestine

John Leslie Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the sparked protests in occupied Palestinian territories, the Middle East, and across the globe. (1) Despite sharp criticism from some Democratic party leaders, the party has voted to support the move. In June of 2017, the Senate voted 90-0  to pass a resolution reaffirming support for Jerusalem … Continue reading

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Israel, Palestine, Anti-Semitism and the US Left

Israel, Palestine, Anti-Semitism and the US Left Once the flagship of US Trotskyism, the US Socialist Workers Party is reduced to a rubber life raft of derailed sectarianism. The SWP was for decades a proponent of the liberation of the Palestinian people, but in recent years has changed to a position that can only be … Continue reading

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Clinton Backing of Netanyahu and Record on Honduras Illustrates Her Foreign Policy

Clinton Backing of Netanyahu and Record on Honduras Illustrates Her Foreign Policy By Barry Sheppard   At the recent meeting of the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the three remaining Republican presidential candidates and Democratic Candidate Hillary Clinton vied to be seen as the most pro-Israel and pro-Netanyahu.   AIPAC is the powerful lobby … Continue reading

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Solidarity with Spring Antiwar Actions

Solidarity with Spring Antiwar Actions Steve X Unfortunately, it seems that UNAC’s “Spring Rising” demonstration only attracted a “few hundred” protesters. How could this be? How do we build a genuinely mass antiwar movement? The circumstances today are different from the period of the Vietnam war, but building an antiwar movement based on a united … Continue reading

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Making torture legal — Mumia

Mumia Abu-Jamal: Making torture legal By MUMIA ABU-JAMAL  (Listen on Prison Radio) In the week of the Senate Intelligence Select Committee’s report on CIA torture of terror suspects, we’re reminded how little Americans know about how the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency rolls in the real world. Predictably, the 500-page summary of a 6700-page report erupted … Continue reading

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Can “Leftists” Support Imperialist Intervention?

Can “Leftists” Support Imperialist Intervention? Jay Leslie Strangely fitting that International Viewpoint should publish the article, Why Danish leftists supported military aid to Iraq, so close to the 100th anniversary of the beginning of World War One. In August, the Red-Green Alliance (RGA) parliamentary group voted to support the use of a Danish military air … Continue reading

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Zionists trying to shut down Temple SJP

Zionists trying to shut down Temple SJP In an incident that allegedly occurred during Temple Fest, a day where student organizations set up tables to tell fellow students about their activities, members of Temple University Students for Justice in Palestine were harassed by a pro-Zionist student. During the exchange, the Zionist student alleges that he … Continue reading