Career Prospects For Resume Writers

I had no choice but to stay at my job, which was paying hardly enough to get by each month. I was putting in 45 hours a week or more, leaving me no time for friends, family, or even sleep. My job situation was dire, and I knew I had to do anything to pull myself up. Many of the businesses I tried to launch either never got off the ground or were shut down because they required too much initial investment.

It was time for a change, so I updated my résumé and started looking for work. Then I went out and bought a slew of books on resume writing. I took a few days and did it all by myself, writing a professional résumé. Due to the high quality of my resume, I was promptly contacted for interviews.

As my pals were having such a hard time finding work. Glass Door Resume volunteered to create their resumes for free. Four weeks later, they were all working as journalists. The satisfaction I had from making my friends happy was unparalleled. For this reason, I’ve been considering launching a global resume-writing enterprise.

First, I placed an ad in the Yellow Pages. I was charging $45 to write a résumé from scratch and getting no more than one call a week. I wanted more now that I had an extra $200-$300 per month in my budget. After that, I started distributing leaflets at colleges and universities around the state. I advertised a discount to college grads, and soon I was seeing about 2.9 new students per week.

With business on the upswing, I was able to squeeze in all this extra work after hours. Despite my exhaustion, I fervently pursued new opportunities. Efficiency was low because I had to call the client and quiz them extensively before writing their resume. I was in desperate need of a website.

Having customers complete my survey and submit their orders online into a database I can access remotely was essential. To be successful, the website’s design must not only be user-friendly, but also lead customers directly to the order form. I knew that people from various walks of life would be perusing my site and seeking for a professional CV, so I put a premium on simplicity and clarity.

In order to have a website built according to my exact specifications, I contracted a team of webmasters from Contender Career Solutions. In a week’s time, they did a fantastic job, and I was able to access the internet. I was well aware of the abundance of online rivals, so I continued using my tried-and-true methods of advertising, with one key difference: I provided the URL to my website instead of my personal telephone number.

My advertising budget was increased. I paid a few college students to distribute flyers at several schools. I put ads in the Yellow Pages in several states. Now I was helping folks from all over the globe. I averaged two per night and anything from six to ten on the weekends while I crafted prospective employees’ resumes.

To top it all off, I was now making more money than at my regular job, despite drastically reducing my costs of living. Throughout the first several months of the site’s existence, I averaged roughly $2,000 in monthly revenue.

In response, I ramped up my already extensive advertising by doing things like offering fifty percent off of resume bundles. A CV, cover letter, and follow-up letter were all enclosed. My low prices were too much for the competition to bear. I’ve dropped the price of my cheapest bundle to $50! Bear in mind that the price of creating this resume is minimal. The time spent on writing resumes is roughly equal across the board.

Now that I had the $50 resume bundle, I was writing resumes every day from the time I got home from work at 6:00 p.m. until midnight. During the course of the weekend, I received a steady stream of requests for resumes. I had more than a dozen orders to complete on certain weekends!!! The total for the day was over $500.

That’s a rate no human can sustain indefinitely, so I either had to come up with some clever short cuts or bring in some outside help to crank out the resumes. I posted a “Help Wanted” ad online and received several promising responses.

Each candidate was required to supply examples of previous resumes and to draught a one-page resume using the information I provided. Several of the applicants were merely adequate, and I couldn’t bring myself to offer them a high percentage to submit a résumé that may damage my company’s reputation.

Then I had the bright idea, what if I could purchase some specialised computer software to help my writers craft more polished resumes? Yes, indeed, I did. As a result of our efforts, we were able to get six copies of the most important software for any resume company. On average, I spent roughly 1.1 hours crafting my resume.

This newfound efficiency allowed me to draught resumes in an average of 22 minutes. My newfound freedom allowed me to spend time with my loved ones, including eating dinner with them and spending an hour drafting three resumes before calling it a night. This programme is a need!!

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would one day be running a multinational corporation from my personal desktop computer in my bedroom. After purchasing the programme and dedicating 25-30 hours per week to the resume service, I decided to leave my previous position. This has freed me up to take trips with my loved ones and go on trips whenever I need to.