Can Snapchat be Monitored by Parents? If Yes, then How? Find the Best Ways.

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media applications among teens and tweens. Almost 20% of Snapchat users are 18 or younger. This social media app has become more popular after the pandemic. People use this app to send snaps to their friends, connect with people, and use multiple filters that make it fun and entertaining.

Multiple features of Snapchat make it popular among kids. But this social media platform can also be harmful to children ages 18 and below. So it is the parent’s responsibility to monitor their child’s social media activity regularly. Snapchat allows users to protect their profile by offering features including ghost ID, protecting phone numbers, and turning off the recommendation button.

Sometimes these privacy options are not enough to protect your kid’s Snapchat account, so there are multiple Snapchat spy apps in the market that allow parents to monitor their kid’s social media accounts regularly. You just need to install a spyware app on a targeted device and see which online activities your kids are involved.

So yes, Snapchat can be monitored by parents using spyware apps. The following are the best spyware apps that allow you to monitor these activities.

1. uMobix

Top Features

  • Remote screenshot of the targeted device
  • Give 100% protection to the child
  • Access Snapchat chats
  • Access expired Snapchat messages
  • Allow parents to block apps on kid’s phone

uMobix is the leading Snapchat spyware app for iOS and Android. It provides full access to the parents to access their child’s phone’s activity. Parents can remotely access the phone and take a screenshot anytime. You can also access all the activities on Snapchat, including snaps and chat. This spyware is compatible with Android, iPhone, and iPad. Its price starts at $11 per month per device and more.

Pros and Cons of uMobix


  • Top customer support 24/7
  • Can restrict Snapchat access
  • Keylogger monitors incognito searching
  • Advanced Android monitoring


  • Consume more battery of phone than rivalry spyware apps
  • iOS monitoring lacks features

2. mSpy

Top Features

  • Provide live control panel
  • Easily track and read text messages
  • Keep track of phone calls
  • No need for jailbreak or rooting
  • Track all installed application

mSpy is another popular and easily useable spyware app to monitor Snapchat activities. This spyware provides a live control panel so you can easily track and read text messages. To install this app, you don’t require rooting or jailbreak. This spyware app con monitors all social media apps, including Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, Viber, and many others.

This app also allows you to record the screen of the targeted device., It is the best option to track your children’s mobile phone activities, including GPS tracking, call phone tracking, and many others. mSpy prices start at $16 per month per device.

Pros and Cons of mSpy


  • See all Snapchat activities
  • No rooting or jailbreak
  • Best keylogger app
  • Impressive reputation
  • Control Snapchat screen time


  • Multi-device monitoring is more costly
  • Advanced features may require jailbreak

3. Hoverwatch

Top Features

  • Record and listen to targeted phone recording
  • Keep an eye on the browser history
  • Truly live monitoring
  • Track targeted device live location
  • Monitor all activities on Snapchat

Hoverwatch is also considered the best spyware app to monitor Snapchat activities. It can record all phone activities, so you can see this recording remotely. It has multiple features that allow parents to monitor their child all phone activities fully. You don’t need rooting or jailbreak to install this app on the targeted device. Further, you can also monitor the location and browser history of the targeted device.

This spyware app is compatible with multiple operating systems, including iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac, and iPad. It comes with multiple price packages; the personal package price starts at $8.33 per month per device. This app is cheaper than other rival apps.

Pros and Cons of Hoverwatch


  • Offers family and business plan
  • Best to track Snapchat chatting
  • Best compatible with Windows and Mac


  • The short-term price plan is expensive
  • Customer support is not good as rival spyware app

4. XNSpy

Top Features

  • Access multimedia, IM, and chats
  • Access call logs and text messages
  • Track all social media platforms
  • Automatic screen recording for Snapchat
  • Take a screenshot after every five seconds

XNSpy can track all your data on the targeted device. This spyware is best suited for parents to monitor their children all social media activities, including call logs, screen recordings, screenshots, chats, and many more. XNSpy doesn’t require any rooting or jailbreak to install on the targeted device. It takes just 4 to 5 minutes to install on the targeted device.

This spyware app is compatible with iOS and Android. While its price also starts at $12.33 per month per device. However, you need to pay per year, if you are looking for only one monthly package, it will be expensive, and you will have to pay $49 per month per device. XNSpy also provides a three-day free trial to learn how to use this spyware app for targeted devices.

Pros and Cons of XNSpy


  • Advanced spyware tools
  • Offer great gesture to price value
  • Best for both parents and business
  • Great for instant messages monitoring
  • Best for overall Snapchat tracking


  • Much more expensive than rival spyware apps
  • For Snapchat spying, rooting is required

5. KidsGuard Pro

Top Features

  • Provides multiple sets of function
  • Offers free demo mode to learn this spyware app
  • Users can examine the features of this app using the control panel
  • Track phone calls
  • Track and read text messages

KidsGuard Pro is another reliable spyware app considered the best for Snapchat accessing and monitoring all posts and messages. This spyware app can track all social media accounts of the targeted device, including Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Tinder, Viber, and others. Parents can examine the features of this spyware app using the control panel.

This spyware app is compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows. Its monthly price starts at $30 per device, its quarterly price starts at $16 per device per month, and its annual package starts at $8 per month per device. Its annual package is the most affordable package. This spyware app also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee and provide a free demo.

Pros and Cons of KidsGuard Pro   


  • Jam-packed with advanced spyware tools
  • Budget-friendly
  • Track all social media accounts
  • Impressive with Android Snapchat tracking
  • Includes an app usage manager


  • Some features don’t work as intended
  • Not good for the iOS operating system

6. Eyezy

Top Features

  • Advanced spying tools
  • Complete access to track Snapchat activities
  • Allow you to keep an eye on your children
  • Access live location
  • Track call logs, chat, and messages

Eyezy is the best for tracking the exact location of the targeted device using GPS location. This is another best spyware app for parents to monitor their kids. It can track all social media accounts, including Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Telegram, Viber, Tinder, and many others. This can also track the targeted device’s call logs, chat, and messages.

Eyezy is compatible with multiple operating systems, including Android, iOS, and iPads. This spyware comes with affordable plans, advanced monitoring features, easier setup and installation, keystrokes, reliable customer support, and many other features. The monthly package of Eyezy starts at $47.99 per month per year, and its quarterly package starts at $27.99; while similar to the other spyware apps, its yearly package plan is cheaper than other packages, and its price starts at $9.99 per month per device.

Pros and Cons of Eyezy


  • Budget-friendly yearly plan
  • Good reputed spyware app
  • Best spyware app for mobile device
  • Easily installed in the targeted device
  • Best for Snapchat spying


  • iCloud syncing can take more time than Android
  • The advanced feature may require rooting or jailbreak.

6. Spyic

Top Features

  • View private and group chat
  • Access all sent and received messages on Snapchat
  • Help you to retrieve media files being exchanged with friends or any contact
  • Track location, calls, messages
  • Cover multiple devices at a single time

Spyic is the most affordable Snapchat spyware app. Using this app, you can monitor all Snapchat activities of your targeted device. This spyware app allows parents to monitor the location of their kids, including calls and messages. Even this app allows you to retrieve media files being exchanged with friends or contacts.

Spyic spyware app is compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems. This app allows you to cover five devices at a single time. So this app is best fitted for a bigger family. If you have two or more kids, you should buy this spyware app to monitor your kids all social media activities as this app can monitor all social media accounts at a single time. This app has different packages for Android and iOS operating systems. Android users’ price starts at $10 per month, while $10.83 per month for iOS users. This package paid plan is annual. At the same time, its one-month package starts at $49.99 per month.

Pros and Cons of Spyic


  • No rooting or jailbreak required to download it to the targeted device
  • You can cover five devices in a single time
  • Offer multiple subscription options
  • Excellent spyware apps for social media tracking


  • Not as feature-rich as its rival
  • iOS Snapchat requires jailbreaking or rooting
  • Limited features as compared to rival apps

Final Words

Answering the question, ‘Can parents monitor Snapchat’ is very simple and straightforward. Yes, it’s possible to monitor Snapchat with the best spying apps. This article provides the complete details of spyware apps with their features, strengths, and limitations. You can choose the best-suited app to monitor your kid’s social media activities. However, mSpy and KidsGuard is the most affordable and reliable spyware app to monitor the social media activities of the targeted device.