Camel Cash Casino—Play & Explore the Magic of this Social Casino Game

The dazzling lights and eye-catching outside casinos seem pretty enticing, right? Did it ever come to mind you what it would be like to go to one of those casinos and play? Perhaps you have always wanted to, but couldn’t due to many reasons. Going to Las Vegas and visiting their casinos may not be practicable for one and all at all times. But the longing to play casino games remains. What if I tell you that you can still benefit from the fun ride of casino games at your fingertips? That is why we have, at your disposal, one of the best online casino games. Is it tough to believe? Well, not any longer. All thanks to Camel Motion’s Camel Cash Casino.

What is camel cash casino?

Let’s say hello to Camel Cash Casino. It is the most popular game and is all the rage today. This social casino game presents you with tons of interesting slot games that usher in a real Vegas feel. Let’s not forget the assortment of options that are unlikely to leave one weary or bored. With dramatic visuals, sound effects, and more, this game is what you need to get high and never be let down.

Let’s explore and find out all about it.

1.     Over 40 Slot Machines for You: The very appeal of casino games is slot machines. This game has not 10, not 20 but more than 40 slot machine games that boast multiplicity. Moreover, the slot machines here are very similar to the real casinos, so it only goes on to augment your whole experience of playing. Most of these slots are also theme-based. From famous Hollywood movies to classic literature to cartoons, these slots are spread across a wide range of themes, retaining the excitement level.

Some of the alluring and fun slot machines are Gold Mystery, Sizzling 777, Zombie Treasure, Piggy Vault, Freaky Bull, Volcano Rock, and more. The realistic aspect of these slots will never make you think that you are not actually in Vegas.

2.     Exciting Mini Games: Imagine you asked for a plate of fries but got another extra plate. Sounds too good, right? Well, this is what these mini-games act like in this social casino game. If you want fun, this game will double it for you. You will find some really marvelous mini-games where you can place your bets and win the slots. They are like a breath of clean air from the typical slot machine games. These games give you the possibility to win extra coins. You can add these coins to your pail to advance further in the game.

Beer Mania Fortune, FunHouse Pinball, and Lucky Disco Balls Mania are some of the cool mini-games in Camel Cash that you can play and extract pleasure from.

3.     Cash Cards Album: There is forever that one added feature that becomes the flagship of the game. Over here, it is the Cash Cards Album. Do you want to see why? Well, this feature is what sets apart this game from other social casino games. You get the opportunity to win 5 billion coins right after you complete a set of 18 albums or milestones. You can accomplish it by collecting diverse cards such as Gold Cards, Machine Cards, Duplicate cards, and Regular Cards. Now, as you step forward in the game, you get bigger rewards as you pass each consecutive milestone or album.

This is precisely why this trait is also called the USP of the game. It is incredible and doubles up your level of thrill.  

4.     Find Other Casino Games: There is a reason why this game is one of the best and supreme on its own. As it has promised, the motley collection of games goes beyond the stretch of slot games alone. A user will come across other casino games in Camel Cash to win money. Games like Roulette, Craps, Blackjack, Video Poker, and more are definitely entertaining here.

Besides, these games give you the needed leverage to further in the game. The rules are different for each of these games, and once you master them, winning becomes a piece of cake. How does that sound?

5.     Play in Portrait Mode: Nearly every one of the games that you come across is in landscape style. This can get a little inopportune for some to play since you have to slant your phone. But Camel Cash brings to you games that you can now play and enjoy in portrait mode as well. It saves you the nuisance of flipping your phone vertically at all times. The best part is, it does not warp the quality of graphics and is consequently, not pixelated much to your surprise. You can now take pleasure in slot games like Wheel of Diamond, Sizzling 777, Jungle Queen, etc in portrait mode.

6.     Exciting Rewards & Bonuses: It is quite a sensation when you finally unlock more rewards and bonuses. You can get the prospect to win daily, hourly and weekly bonuses. In addition to this, there is a welcome bonus of 1,000,000 coins for those who just join the game. There are also the Return Bonus, the Daily Spin, and the VIP Bonus on top of others. All these extra coins that you earn will pile up and help in the smooth facilitation of your gameplay in the long run.

7.     Simple Gaming Interface: A straightforward and easy interface is something most gamers look forward to. It pronounces the whole gaming experience for you. In fact, not every person enjoys playing a game that involves a compound interface. Now the makers of this app have measured this and come up with an extremely easy and user-friendly interface. This means, playing slot machine games for you is now super easy and fitting. What’s more, you do not need to have any advanced skill levels prior to playing Camel Cash Casino.

It is actually immaterial if you are a beginner or a trained gamer; all you have to do is click on the “Play” button and get drawn into the world of casinos.

8.     The Vegas-like Atmosphere: Now, you do know that slot machine games are the charm of casino games. The slots and other card games including table games usher in a feeling almost akin to Vegas. The casinos you would expect and find in Vegas are right there in front of your mobile devices. Camel Cash guarantees you an experience similar to that; therefore, one keeps returning for more.  


So, do you now consider me when I say you can have Vegas in your hands? This app will let you discover the world of casinos in a way that you have not ever experienced before. With so many of its exceptional features, slot machine games, lights, and sounds, you are certain to find yourself glued to the game. Of all the free online casino games, it is considered one of the best social casino games truly because of its inimitable features. It has grabbed and caught many eyeballs ever since its launch. So, go further on and start playing this extraordinary game. Go ahead and download it from the App Store now.