Buy Wilson Tennis Hats Online in Canada

Is it time for you to update your tennis game? If so, consider Wilson hats and apparel. They have a variety of high-quality options that are sure to last and look good in the process. All their products are sold at Canada wide retailers, so you can order your new hat online with ease. This is an ideal way to show off your Canadian pride while sticking out on the court!

Best Tennis Hats in Canada

Wilson tennis hats is known for making high quality products that last. They also have a wide variety of products to choose from, so you are sure to find the hat that suits you best. Wilson hats come in many styles, materials and colors. So, no matter what your personal taste is, you will surely find a hat that matches it!


There are two basic styles of hats offered by Wilson: the most common cotton and polyester versions. These styles come in a variety of color options, and will meet the needs of most players. Both are a basic baseball cap with a knit band behind it. The main difference between them is the material used to make the hat. The cotton version has cotton straw like material while polyester is made of polyester which is smoother feeling and more absorbent.

The Mesh Lined Design

Wilson tennis hats offers a mesh lined design for the baseball hats. These are just as comfortable, if not more so than the standard models. They are made from 100% polyester mesh that flows and breathes, providing great ventilation to help players stay dry and cool in the summer heat. These hats have an elastic closure for a snug fit.


Wilson uses high-quality materials when making hats and apparel. They have several standard cotton materials to choose from. The first material is the cotton fabric which is a great all-around choice. It has a smooth feel and will last with proper care. The other option is the 100% cotton twill fabric. This material makes for an extremely durable hat that will hold its shape over time. It is also one of the more absorbent materials, helping to keep you cool and comfortable in the heat.


Wilson has many options when choosing your hat color. The first color option is black. It comes in a wide variety of colors, making it great for choosing a hat that will match almost any outfit. The other option is their classic silver which is a metallic silver tone that many are fond of. They also offer a red version and an orange version.

Features of Wilson Tennis Hats

Wilson tennis hats come in two styles, both made with the same quality materials and features. Their most common hats are their baseball caps with a hat band. These are often made from polyester or cotton twill material. They also offer mesh lined versions for those who want to add some ventilation to their game. The different materials used in the hats allow them to stretch out over time, providing a more comfortable fit. Many of the hats also come with a sweatband to further prevent the heat from affecting your game.

Additional Features of a Wilson Hat

Wilson also offers several options of ways to personalize your game box. They have some stylish velcro options like their ‘No Sweat’ logo that allows players to pull up and down for ventilation. And there are other options for customizing your hat with your own logo or team logo. These hats can add a bit of flair to your game while also providing ventilation and comfort.

Wilson also offers some apparel in their hats. Like the hats, they are made from high-quality materials and come in many different colors. They also have a variety of styles for clothing, like a half-up type of hat that has a drawstring on top for more ventilation, as well as many different styles described above.

The Sizing

When ordering a Wilson hat, there are a few things to note about sizing. First, the hat is designed for unisex sizing. So, each size will fit both men and women. However, if you are looking for a more snug fit it is recommended that you order one size smaller than your normal sizing ordering. They also have a sizing chart available online to help you make sure you order the right size. It is important to get the correct size because a hat that is too small will not fit well, and one that is too big will not stay on well during your game.

Care and Cleaning

Wilson hats are made with high-quality materials, which mean they are easy to care for. The first thing to remember when caring for your hat is to never put it in the wash. Doing so could shrink or damage the hat irreparably. Instead, you should spot clean the stains from your hat.


The first style is the standard baseball cap. It is a high profile hat that comes in a variety of colors, including your standard black and reds as well as unique options like silver and orange. The second style is the mesh lined cap. This hat has the same great ventilation, comfort and durability as the standard style. It also comes in a variety of colors and textured styles.


The hats are made from 100% cotton or polyester materials. The twill hat comes in a variety of colors and materials, but all have the same great fit, feel and durability. The mesh lined hats are made with a moisture wicking, breathable material that keeps you cool in the summer heat. They also come in a variety of colors and materials.


Overall, Wilson Tennis Hats are a great choice for players of all levels. They come in a variety of styles with many different materials, colors and features. These hats will keep you cool during hot games and make it easier to keep your cool in the heat of competition. Wilson offers many different color variations and styles, so it’s easy to find a hat that matches your preferences.

Wilson is a name that has been in the sporting goods industry since the beginning. They are a company known for producing high quality products at reasonable prices. They have an extensive selection of tennis and other sporting equipment, as well as clothing, bags and other accessories. Wilson is one of the most trusted brands among players of all skill levels, young and old.