Busting YouTube Views: Are They Worth Your Time and Money?

Yes, you read that right. YouTube views are not worth your time and money. If you’ve ever seen or heard about the crazy value of views on YouTube, then you know that there’s no such thing as free. One can only get so much for free before it doesn’t even feel like a deal anymore. Unfortunately for those who have fallen for this trap, the cost only goes up from here. The biggest trap is that many creators and businesses don’t understand how real views work on YouTube. Yes, they get the “feel” of it when they see someone their age watching their video in a comments section or seeing likes and comments online suddenly think that those are real people watching their content. They also hear other users boasting about the number of views they have on their videos thinking that others must be impressed by what they have to offer because they aren’t alone in this delusion. The problem is that too many people believe these lies rather than understanding what is really happening behind the scenes where all these views come from. Unless you understand this, then you should avoid paying for views at all costs because you will be wasting money with little to none return on investment (ROI).

What Are YouTube Views?

When you upload a video to YouTube, you are not putting it on a shelf. You are making it available to anyone who has an internet connection. The view count is the number of people who have already seen your video. The number does not tell you how many people who watched your video how many people who watched your video. The views tell you how many people have found your video and how many people have watched it. The process of getting views actually involves two parties: YouTube and your fans. YouTube will show your video to your fans, who are known as “subscribers.” Your subscribers will then be able to watch your video, and if they like it, they might choose to “subscribe” to your channel which means they will be able to see more of your videos.

Is Watching Videos on YouTube to Get Views Worth It?

The question you should be asking yourself is, “Is watching videos on YouTube worth it?” This may not only depend on how much you can earn but also on your goals as a YouTuber. You may be able to earn some money by setting up an ad to sponsors or by selling your merchandise. However, as a YouTuber, you can gain a bigger audience and engage with people in a more personal way by providing quality content. For example, if your goal is to become an internet personality, then surely, watching videos on YouTube is worth your time. You may also want to monetize your channel by creating YouTube ads for brands or even by accepting sponsored content. These are just a few ideas of how you can earn off of YouTube. With more views, more people are likely to see your videos, which will increase your chances of them clicking on your ads, which will earn you more money.

How to Find Good YouTube Views for Videos

There are a few ways to find good YouTube views for your videos. The first and easiest way is to simply look at other videos on your niche. Take a look at the videos on your favorite channels and see what they are doing to gain views. You may notice that certain types of content or types of videos are more likely to receive a lot of views. This information may help you to choose the right type of content for your videos. Another way to find good YouTube views for your videos is to find views on Facebook. You can use a Facebook group for fans to post links to your videos. Facebook groups are public by default, so you don’t need to be friends with the people who post links to your videos.

How To Buy YouTube Views

The simplest way to buy YouTube views is to buy a package of 50,000 views. This package will cost you anywhere from $1 to $5 depending on the site you use. There are also websites that offer cheap packages like $5, $10, and $20 packages. You will see what they say on the website, so there’s no point in paying if you see no value in it. Another way to buy YouTube views is to click on ads. There are many websites that offer cheap ads that are just a link to click on your videos and then they will give you a certain number of views.

Why Pay for Views?

The first reason why you should pay for views is that you don’t have to deal with the stress of editing a video to fit the proper length for YouTube as a creator. This is because you don’t have to be consistent in the length of your videos. You can just record a video and then wait for it to get the views it deserves and then record the next one. When you pay for views, you won’t have to worry about how many views your video got when you post it online. This is because you already know how many views you will get. Another reason to pay for views is that it’s not easy to gain a lot of views on YouTube. You have to have a lot of patience and spend a lot of time editing and uploading videos to earn a lot of views. Paying for views can help you get instant results.

ROI of Paying for Views on YouTube

Now that you know that views are not worth your time and money, let’s talk about the return on investment (ROI) of paying for views on YouTube. The first thing to consider is that all of the views you pay for are fake. Some people may argue that it doesn’t matter if they are fake because all views are not created equal. This is partially true. Let’s say that you buy 10,000 views and the site you use only gives you half of the views you paid for. This means that you get 5,000 views even though you paid $100. This means that you were charged $50 for getting $100 worth of views. This is a terrible return on investment. The best thing to do is to find a site that gives you a lot of views for a low price. These sites are reliable because they don’t simply give you a small number of views. These sites give you a large number of views and they are reliable because they are not illegal.


The ads and links you see on YouTube are not the views that your videos have. These views are fake, and many of them are from spammers or hacked accounts. These views can only be purchased, and they are expensive. They can only be maintained for a limited amount of time and they don’t affect your rank in the video search results. You can only buy views once, and they will disappear after a short period of time. The best thing to do is to not waste your money on fake YouTube views, but you can also get more organic views from your videos by adding annotations and descriptions.