Best ways to make your kitchen pop

One of the rooms that have been ignored continuously in the house is the kitchen. The kitchen is viewed as an organizational challenge and not a space where you need your creativity to flow. The constant wear and tear of paints and surfaces have given the kitchen the image of “a lost cause”. Very rarely do you see a kitchen that has been decorated for beauty over function. No doubt, the flow of this and the storage capacity should be the highest in this, but that does not mean it has no potential. Wondering how to turn this image around? Let us take a quick look. 

The kitchen is subjected to good scrubbing and absolute cleanliness on almost a daily basis. This is why it is essential to evaluate the quality of items you are planning to use in the kitchen. Do not settle for a cheaper alternative at least in this one room as it is most vulnerable to stains, leaks, mould, fungus, and pests. For instance, you may think the primer price is on the higher side but understand the requirement of this room in your house. 

Gray is the colour for all moods

Gray used to be considered a dull replacement for something fun and peppy. However, shades and tints of grey are very much back in fashion. Try a fun monochromatic theme that can make your kitchen go from drab to dramatic. If you want to try a combination, then add a splash of colours and make your kitchen more interesting. 

Yellow colour combinations

The most popular small house Indian house colour combination outside the box of neutral colours is that of yellow colour. Yellow is used on the exterior walls of most houses. In fact, it is also seen in the kitchen and has been a popular choice for many years. If you are looking to jazz up your kitchen, then think of white, orange, red, and similar hues coupled with yellow. Try variations of the colour yellow that will make your kitchen look elegant yet bright. Most of us start our day in the kitchen. A splash of bright colours can make all the difference in the world. If you use too much plain bright yellow, the room starts to feel claustrophobic and the walls look repetitive. 

White and blue combination

This is one of the most popular choices for decorating the house these days. This combination is not only seen on the outside walls of houses to replicate the feeling of being in Greece but also seen in living rooms and bedrooms as well. You can change the quintessential Greek combo to something more suitable for your kitchen and taste. Try tints of blue with white to make your kitchen look like it has been designed by a pro. 

Green wins every time

The sheer number of hues of the colour green that can be used in the kitchen will leave you shocked. These hues can be combined with white, yellow, black, or even blue. They are just as fabulous on their own and can be used by adding neutral colours in between to break the monotony. Green is a cooling colour and not the first choice for a colour in the kitchen, but the impact it can have in combinations can be huge. It can be a supporting colour or great as the dominant colour too. 

Stencils and textures

A lot of people do not view the walls available in the kitchen as a space where they can decorate and display their creativity. However, the best part about stencils and textures is that they can be chosen depending on the space and shape available. 

Apart from this, don’t forget you have the advantage of the fifth wall, which is the ceiling!