Best TH8 Base links 2023

This guide will show you how to design the best Th8 base. After you have exhausted all your offensive troops, you can upgrade to Town hall 7. To town hall 8. Some buildings in town hall 7 were extremely important to upgrade, such as Healers and Dragons. It will be very simple to upgrade these buildings and move on to the next level of Th8 clash. These buildings and troops are very popular, just like town hall 8. Maximising troops will increase the player’s ability to defend and attack the opponent. The players will find it easier to start town hall 8 by maxing their troops.

Best TH8 Bases 2023

Some players do not like war zones. You can upgrade your troops when you are ready. The Th8 offers more troops and more CC space. With a lesser recent upgrade, the Th8 can be maxed out in a much shorter period of time. Each level of the clash of clans town hall has its priorities. The Th8 does not come with a new army camp or spell factory.

Unbeatable Town Hall 8 Base

The town hall 8 upgrade priority list will therefore be slightly different from previous town halls. Start your Th8 upgrading priority checklist with the lab if your laboratory has not been upgraded in town hall 7. Clan castle is the preferred upgrade option for Dark spell factories. It will give you +5 troop space as well as +1 spell power.

Layouts for 8 Best Town Hall Bases

The key elements to focus on when building the best th8 base for your town hall are the addition of bomb towers as well as new defense levels. The defense level and bomb towers work in the same way as Wizard tower. This will help you decide whether an offensive or defensive base layout should be built. Preparing your base for the Town Hall 9 hero grind is the basic strategy for townhall 8.

Clash of Clans Town Hall 8 Basis

There are no significant changes in Th7 and Th8 other than the presence of Dark Spells. Golems. Bomb Towers. Valkyries. clash of clans bases Town Hall 8 is the first stage of adventure, but the real fun will start in the most advanced Th9 coc bases. The player must choose which type of base they wish to play with, such as a war base layout or a trophy base layout. Each base has pros and cons. Below are some examples to help you make your decision.

Best TH8 Base Layout

There will be many other players who want to level up to town hall 8. Everyone will eagerly await unlocking the Valkyries and Hogs and Golems and to improve the Barbarian King. The clan castle is centrally located in the town hall, making it one of the most important th8 bases. There are many smaller compartments in the town hall. Each compartment has equally distributed defense towers, such as mortar, cannon, airdefense, mortar, and arcane. While some important resource buildings are located inside the base, others are outside the clan to act as protectors. The entire clan is surrounded by unique defense towers and army camps.

Anti Dragon TH8 Base Design

These unique flower-shaped town hall 8 base bases are very effective in keeping the clan’s enemies away. One section contains the archer queen altar and town hall. It is surrounded by all types of defense armsies. The shape of a flower is formed by eight small compartments around the central section. Each compartment contains different important buildings that protect the clan against its enemies. This best th8 base also has an additional layer of heavy defense troops. This unique base for th8 is not well known by most players, making it even more useful.

Level 8 Town Hall Base

You will find the clan divided into smaller compartments in most best town hall 8 base. This is an unusual idea that layers the clan in different sections and separates them with a wall. To make it more secure, the town hall is kept in its center. There are important defense towers such as mortar, air-defense, and clan castle around the town hall. This best th8 base does not have an outer wall. The clan has many resource towers. Some are well protected in the layering. There is an outer layer that includes defense buildings and army towers, which makes the clan even more secure.

Best TH8 Base Anti 3 Star Layout

These are some of the most impressive and effective examples you can find for designing your best Th8 bases. This th8 base layout has a lot of defense towers and military buildings. The clan design is more secure and efficient because it has been divided into multiple layers. There is a town hall, an archer queen altar and some defense buildings in the first layer. The clan castle is located in the second layer. It has small bombs and air-defense. Each building has a purpose. It must also have limits that it can protect the clan. This clan design can clearly show how towers and buildings are placed.

COC TH8 Anti Everything

This best th8 base design will impress if you prefer to build your base with fewer towers and buildings. This base places only the most important buildings with the best strategy. The clan does not have a tower that isn’t important, which makes it congested. The archer queen altar is located in the middle of the town hall. To keep the clan from being robbed by the enemy’s loot, the best th8 base is where the resource towers are located.