Best Japanese Institute in Delhi

If you are planning to learn the Japanese language in Delhi, you must consider choosing the right Japanese institute. In this article, we’ll discuss three Japanese institutes that offer high-quality programs in the city. The Japanese Institute at oracle language institute includes both Indian and native Japanese instructors. To provide students with a rich experience, the institute uses multimedia, flashcards, and visuals through DVDs. In addition to their excellent teaching methods, the oracle Institute organizes regular cultural events.

Oracle International Language Institute 

Oracle International Language Institute focuses on holistic learning for students and boosts their scores in JLPT (Japanese language proficiency tests). The most popular institute in Connaught Place, Delhi is Oracle, which provides short-term courses in the Japanese language. The institute employs competent teachers and offers courses at different levels. The institute is located in Connaught Place, Delhi. 

Oracle is located in Delhi, close to Rajiv Chowk Metro Station. They offer a variety of Japanese dialect training courses, provide practice exams for the JLPT, and are affiliated with the Japan Foundation. The institute is well-known for its excellent instructors and supports the Teacher’s training program. There are plenty of Japanese cultural workshops and a library at the institute to help students learn the language.

Asahi Japanese Language School

Asahi has recently introduced its Express Course, which aims to prepare students for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), which will be held in the first week of July. The cost of the Express Course is around Rs 10,000. Classes are held every weekend during June. The institute is located in Delhi and Gurgaon. Students can choose between an eight-week or ten-week course, which lasts for three months.

The Japanese Language School at Asahi is different from other institutes in Delhi. The classes are holistic, with emphasis on teaching students how to communicate with others. The institute also offers short-term courses, including courses for tourism and business. The Japanese language course is complemented by workshops led by Japanese industry experts. For professionals looking to get a job in the Japanese language industry, the Asahi is an excellent choice.

YMCA Institute for career studies

YMCA is an international youth service organization founded in London in 1844. It has branches in more than 120 countries, including Japan. YMCAs in Japan run 18 vocational colleges, with three in Hiroshima. At the institute, students can study business, health, wellness & sports, and medical-related fields. There are specialized areas of study, such as medical office staff, pharmacy office staff, hotel staff, bridal coordinators, international business, and sightseeing & tourism.

The YMCA offers English-language courses and professional schools for foreign students. Their courses prepare them for the Japanese educational system, as well as for careers in which the language is a key part. The Institute also offers correspondence and accredited high schools, as well as classes for junior-high dropouts. Students can also enroll in courses for a career in the social welfare field. YMCA Japan helps young people develop a rich character and a positive attitude towards life.

Centre for Japanese Studies

The Centre for Japanese Studies in Delhi offers a variety of courses in the Japanese language. The institute offers long-term and short-term courses that cover the various aspects of Japanese culture, literature, and the arts, as well as specialized methods of translation and interpretation. Classes at the institute take place three times a week. Interested students can apply to the institute after passing their HSC. Here, they will get the opportunity to learn the language from top-notch instructors who have a thorough knowledge of the Japanese language.

MOSAI (Mombashu Scholars Association of India) is a private educational institute based in Delhi. The school offers courses ranging from basic to advanced Japanese language. Students can learn a variety of Japanese writing styles and are taught using a mix of multimedia, flashcards, and DVDs to enhance their learning experience. In addition to a rigorous course in the language, MOSAI also hosts cultural events for its students.