Best Gift Ideas For College Students 

Movies portray college as full of partying, road trips, and adventures, but that’s not the only side. College life is also very stressful, and it involves a lot of studying. With the current system, many college students are not well of and have to save a lot. So here is a short list of gift ideas for college students that will be useful for them. 

Coffee maker

College life consists of a lot of sleepless nights and a lot of studying. It is hard to stay awake after pulling an all-nighter and much harder to focus when you barely have any sleep. Having a coffee maker would surely be a lifesaver. Using a coffee maker is much cheaper than buying coffee every day and saves you a lot of time. Buying a good quality coffee maker can cost a bit, so it is better to buy one when there are a lot of sales. Knowing the correct timing can get you awesome discounts like the Nespresso coffee maker Black Friday deals


A durable bag would also be very useful for them. There are a lot of bags nowadays that are designed to fit a laptop. They would definitely appreciate a high-quality backpack. They can place all their needs there, from notebooks and books to water bottles and headphones to their laptop. 

Noise-canceling headphones

You’d be surprised to see how useful noise-canceling headphones would be for a college student. There are times when they need to study or read something, and the place is quite noisy. Or they may just not function well in noisy areas. Many students just play loud music over the noise, which can also be distracting. A noise canceling headphones allows them to play music without being forced to play them at a high volume since it cancels out the external noise. 

Power bank 

It is common to use gadgets during class in college. A lot of phones these days also run out of battery quickly. Giving them a power bank allows them to use their phones whenever they need them without having to worry about having a low battery by the afternoon. A power bank can also charge other devices like AirPods, speakers, and iPads, which they frequently use. 

Portable printer

Cramming your work isn’t new, especially when you reach college. There will be a lot of times when you need to print something to pass early in the morning the next day. There won’t be many places where you can print, and some that are open may be quite far from your dorm. A portable printer allows you to print quickly on the spot, and some models can even fit inside your bag. 

Thermos water bottle

We already know that college involves a lot of coffee. A thermos water bottle keeps the temperature of the drink a lot longer. So whether you like your coffee hot or cold, it will last throughout the day. You can also put protein shakes or breakfast smoothies inside. No one has the time to sit and eat their breakfast; with this, you can just bring your smoothie and drink it along the way. 

Alarm clock

If you know someone who always hits the snooze button, then it’s time to give them an alarm clock. Sure, you can set the alarm on your phone but having a separate alarm clock on your desk prevents you from oversleeping and missing your alarm. 

Weighted blanket

A weighted blanket is something that you did not know you needed. A weighted blanket helps improve the quality of your sleep. It is scientifically known that deep pressure therapy, or applying gentle pressure on your body, helps you calm down, reduce anxiety and help with stress. If you know someone who is jittery or has a hard time sleeping properly, then this is the perfect gift for them.,