Beautiful Flower Drawing A Step-by-Step Manual

Beautiful Flower Drawing A Step-by-Step Manual

Flowers undoubtedly bring a great deal of colour and beauty to the world. It’s hard to peek at a beautiful, intense flower and not have a smile on your look! Whether to brighten a room or as a gift to a lover, it’s always nice to see a pretty flower.

You might love flowers, but if you’ve ever wondered how to draw a flower, you’re in the right place! By the end of this guide, you will be drawing flowers easily. This fun and easy step-by-step guide was created especially to help you learn how to draw a flower in just 9 easy steps!

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How to Draw a Flower – let’s get Initiated!

Step 1

For your first step in this guide on how to draw a flower, the first thing you need to do is draw a small circle. If you can freehand draw a nearly perfect circle, that would work perfectly, but you can also use a drawing compass for a perfect circle.

You can also use something small and round, like the cap of a thick pen, to draw on if you don’t have a drawing compass. For this step, you can draw this circle with a dark pen or pencil, as it will look like in the final image.

Step 2

Now that you have the centre of your flower drawing, it’s time to draw the first petals! To do this, draw two thick curved lines at the bottom and meet at a thinner point at the end. For this step, try to draw two petals, as shown in the reference image.

This may take a bit of practice, so use a lighter pencil to draw these petals, then go over them with a darker pen or pencil once you’re happy with them.

Step 3

You’ve drawn your first two petals, so now that you’ve got the hang of it, it’s time to add the next two. For this step, draw two more petals exactly as you did before to the right of the ones you already have.

Step 4

For step 4 of learning how to draw a flower, you will add another petal on top of the flower. However, this petal will be a bit thinner and slightly different in shape than the others, so check the reference image if you’re struggling with it.

Step 5

We’ll add one of the final petals to your flower drawing for step 5, so draw one more petal as shown in the reference image. As you can see, your flower drawing is starting to take shape!

Step 6

You are almost done with the main part of your flower drawing, so you only need to add the final petal for this step. This should be thinner and sharper, as seen in the reference image. If you have followed the guide, the petals should generally be similar in length and width.

Step 7

There are some tricky aspects for this next step in learning how to draw a flower so the reference image will be very helpful! I recommend using a lighter pencil before going over it in pen. To start, draw two curved lines that run between the two lowest petals, as seen in the image. They should be very close to each other and join at the end.

Once you’ve done that, draw one of the leaves by drawing two curved lines from the stem and then joining them into a leaf shape. The reference image should be very helpful for this! Once you’ve drawn that, draw another leaf on the other side.

Step 8

Your flower drawing is almost complete! For this step, we will add some details to your flower drawing. To start, you can draw the veins of the leaves with some thin lines. You can refer to the reference image to understand what these veins should look like!

You can add some lines on the petals extending from the flower’s centre to make the petals look wavier. Lastly, you can add some small curved lines in the centre of the flower to give it a more textured look. There are also more little lines that you can add for some little extra details.

Step 9

Now that you have completed your beautiful flower drawing, you only need some beautiful colours! This is a step in which you should let your imagination and creativity run wild. We have an example of how you could colour it.

But you should use the colours you love to bring your flower drawing to life! You can also experiment with different art mediums, such as paints, water colours, coloured pens, and coloured pencils, for stunning colour looks.

4 More Ways to Make Your Floral Drawing Unique

Create beautiful flower arrangements with these 4 helpful art tips! We created a beautiful flower sketch together during this guide, but it’s just one of many different flower species you could depict. If you wanted to turn this into a real bouquet.

You could draw other flower species around it. You could draw some roses, daisies, and tulips as examples of flowers that you could add to the scene. These are just a few examples, but if you prefer, you can opt for any of your favourite flower species.

What other flowers could you add to the image?

This flower drawing already looks very pretty, but you can make it even prettier with some small details and additions. For example, some bees may be buzzing around the petals, or there may be a caterpillar crawling up the stem. These are some little critters you can expect to see around a flower, but you can also add a cute little mouse or many badgers if you want bigger animals!

The flowers will often grow in a lush field or forest full of life, and you can add a background setting to show where this flower might be growing. We gave you two examples of a configuration, but you can probably think of many more that you could use.You can go for realistic settings, but you can also go for a more stylistic setup of patterns and shapes.

What approach will you choose?

Flowers are known for their amazing colours, and that means you have a wide colour palette that you can use for this flower drawing. Choosing the colours is only part of the fun, as you can play around with different art tools and mediums. Watercolour paints are always a good choice for petals and other details like this, but bolder mediums can be just as beautiful.

What are you going to use for this image?

Your flower drawing is complete!

We hope you had a great time using our step-by-step guide to learn how to draw a flower! As with any drawing project, it can be challenging to get right, but it’s always so much easier when you break it down into steps. We are sure that by using this guide, you will master it in no time!

Once you’ve learned how to do this, you can experiment with drawing different flowers using this guide as a starting point. If you do this, use photos of your favourite flowers to help you out. We also can’t wait to see what beautiful colours you use for your flower drawing!

Once you’ve completed your artwork, we hope you’ll share it on our Facebook and Pinterest pages for us to enjoy! We love your brilliant artwork and can’t wait to see some amazing, colorful flower drawings!