AthenaOne EHR vs Netsmart EHR – Top Healthcare Software

AthenaOne EHR Voice Assistant Powered by Nuance

Whether you are a small practice or a big corporation, AthenaOne reviews shows a suite of tools to help you manage your patient’s health. From billing and insurance to patient engagement and patient satisfaction, you’ll find that AthenaOne has a feature to fit your needs.

Integrated EHR

AthenaOne is a suite of cloud-based tools, which combines powerful technology and expert services to deliver improved patient care and streamline medical practice operations. This electronic health record (EHR) and practice management software is designed for medical practices that need to meet Meaningful Use standards. Its comprehensive reporting and interoperability features provide practice managers with a comprehensive, integrated platform to manage their business.

AthenaOne integrates EHR, revenue cycle management, and practice management, and features a user-friendly mobile app. It offers continuous embedded access to the nation’s largest clinical network, allowing providers to easily access real-time data from anywhere. Its advanced capabilities include medical coding, denials resolution, and practice management. It’s a great choice for small to medium-sized practices.

AthenaOne’s telehealth capabilities are built-in, and are fully integrated with the EHR and practice management software. The solution is also designed to be simple to learn, ensuring that practitioners can begin using it quickly.

Practice management

AthenaOne is a practice management solution that uses a combination of electronic health records and patient engagement tools. These services help physicians better coordinate care. It also helps practices increase revenue and achieve meaningful use.

AthenaOne is a full medical software package that includes the athenaClinicals EHR, athenaCollector, and athenaCommunicator. These tools are designed to help physicians improve productivity and efficiency while increasing patient satisfaction. Its patient portal offers patients and caregivers the ability to request appointments, access test results, and receive lab results. Moreover, athenaOne has a mobile app that lets providers practice medicine wherever they are.

AthenaOne is a great solution for small-to-medium-sized practices. The software is easy to use and offers a wide range of features. In addition to the EHR, athenaOne’s other offerings include medical billing and coding, denials resolution, and a host of patient engagement tools.

Patient engagement

The athenaOne(r) cloud-based suite of solutions from athenahealth provides providers with a complete view of their patient population. In addition to allowing them to better document their patients, it helps them improve their financial performance. It also simplifies their navigation from day one. The solution features expert services and telehealth capabilities, which enable them to run their practice smoothly and efficiently.

In addition to generating data-driven insights from the largest connected network in healthcare, athenaOne offers a range of services to enhance patient engagement. These include athenaCollector, athenaCollaborator, and athenaClinicals. These tools provide healthcare organizations with an efficient way to manage their patient population, collect payments, and deliver high-quality care.

The athenaOne(r) mobile app is a useful tool for physicians to use while on the go. It syncs in real time with the athenahealth EHR, allowing them to access and respond to patient cases and record information.

Medical billing management

AthenaOne is a cloud-based solution that combines electronic health records (EHR) with patient engagement, practice management and billing solutions. It features a user-friendly dashboard and a variety of reporting tools. In addition, it offers a wide range of integrations.

With AthenaOne, healthcare practices can increase productivity by streamlining the scheduling and billing processes. It also enables patients to view their records, sign forms, and pay bills. In addition, patients can access their calendar, schedule appointments, and receive reminders.

The AthenaOne platform is available for medical practices, including specialty clinics, imaging centers, and federally qualified health centers. It has a client base of 72,000 medical practices. The system can be set up in a matter of weeks, depending on the practice’s requirements. It also includes a dedicated account representative who can help during the setup process.

Voice assistant powered by Nuance

AthenaOne ehr voice assistant powered by Nuance aims to improve clinical documentation and enhance the patient experience. It also eliminates back-office administrative work, allowing clinicians to focus on patients and care.

According to a recent survey conducted by Nuance, 94 percent of healthcare providers agree that EHR voice recognition technology can help them improve their clinical documentation. Additionally, 70 percent of physicians believe that ambient voice tech can help them better focus on patient care.

Moreover, the company recently announced a partnership with Epic, one of the largest EHR systems in the world. They will integrate the Dragon Medical Virtual Assistant into the workflow of the EHR.

The Nuance Virtual Assistant platform is a secure, cloud-based voice recognition solution designed specifically for the healthcare industry. It includes voice biometrics, text-to-speech capabilities and pre-built capabilities to streamline clinical workflows. It can also be integrated with the athenaOne Mobile App, enabling conversational dialogues.

Netsmart EHR Review

Netsmart EHR is a top-rated electronic health records software system that offers features such as Customer Service, MyUnity, Practice Fusion, Avatar, Data Analytics Suite, and more. These features are all important to the successful management of a healthcare practice.


Netsmart myUnity is a cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) management system. Its purpose is to streamline healthcare operations in both home and hospital settings. Its capabilities include EHR systems, messaging, data analytics, clinical content solutions, and population health management. It also offers integrations with other third-party software. It is especially useful for community-oriented organizations, such as hospice and home care services.

This cloud-based EHR offers a wide range of features to facilitate the needs of both small and large organizations. For example, it supports single patient EHRs, population health management, and electronic referral management. It also includes features for financial management and data exchange with HIEs.

Netsmart has a reputation for developing innovative technology and integrating it with the post-acute care industry. MyUnity is the company’s flagship product, and it is designed to simplify complex and repetitive processes.


Avatar for Netsmart EHR is a comprehensive Electronic Health Record (EHR) system. It provides a streamlined workflow that is role-based, web-based, and data-driven. It leverages clinical decision support, real-time analytics, and a whole-person integrated care model.

Avatar for Netsmart EHR supports a variety of health-related applications, including substance abuse treatment, mental health, and primary care. It’s a great choice for a variety of organizations. Some of its users include substance abuse and mental health clinics, community-based organizations, and public health departments.

Avatar is used in 25 of California’s 58 counties, and more than 2,600 people are currently using it in San Francisco. However, some providers are concerned that the demands of the new system are compromising patient care.

For example, one psychologist working under contract to the city said that the new system has not proven to be as efficient as he expected. He was also worried that the city was trying to use it to hide financial liability.

Data analytics suite

Netsmart Technologies is a leading supplier of enterprise-wide software solutions. They serve over 18,000 health and human services organizations and more than 300,000 care providers. They offer innovative technology that helps organizations digitize their enterprises. They also provide comprehensive OASIS services, including workforce management, education, and managed services.

The Netsmart network combines personalized workflows, streamlined systems, and data sharing capabilities to enable care providers to deliver the highest quality of patient care. It puts relevant information at the fingertips of clinicians, care managers, and consumers. It enables providers to expand their payor partnerships and improve regulatory compliance. It also facilitates personalized communications and care coordination.

The Netsmart Referral Manager simplifies the referral process. It eliminates manual data entry and cuts referral admission and processing by more than 40%. The solution’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for caregivers to manage and analyze patient referrals.

Customer service

Netsmart offers a full suite of EHR solutions for a range of medical specialties and budgets. The company’s offerings span everything from custom content to IT management to a slick mobile and web technology platform. They also boast of a plethora of awards for their various products and services, including a number of EHR award winners.

While they may not be the first name in EHR and EMR, Netsmart has a reputation for delivering high quality solutions that are a cut above the rest. Their flagship product, myUnity, is the industry’s first person centered EHR and is also the most user friendly of all the systems in their stable. Unlike other systems, Netsmart lets you customize your own EHR, making it easy to use and more likely to stick with.