Artificial Grass Accessories For Installing Synthetic Turf

Whether you’re installing a new artificial lawn or simply replacing an existing one, it’s vital to know what to look for in an artificial grass accessories. Here are some items you may want to consider: Bella Turf Golf Cups, Envirofill acrylic-coated infill, and Turf Spikes.


If you have an artificial grass installation, one of the most important artificial grass accessories is the infill. This small, round sand is set between the blades of the grass to help them stand up. It also protects the backing of the grass from the sun’s UV rays. These are just a few of the benefits of adding infill.

The amount of infill that you will need depends on the size of your installation and the frequency of use. Generally, about two pounds of infill is sufficient for residential applications. However, if you’re installing a large area, you might want to use more infill. You can also mix different infills.

Artificial grass Accessories

Silica sand is a good choice for a large number of situations. It is inexpensive and easily accessible. It also helps eliminate pet odors in the turf. A 20/50 blend of silica sand is used for lawn installations. It is often mixed with another substance, such as peat moss.

Choosing the right type of infill for an artificial grass installation is an important step in ensuring that your grass is in good shape and will last for many years. Low-quality infill will cause your lawn to wear out quickly and will not be able to support heavy usage. Sand is the most common infill material, providing durability, softness, and drainage. Walnut shell infill is another option that offers cooling benefits.

Sand infill is a good option for artificial grass, since it won’t stick to your feet. It is also a good choice for pool surrounds and indoor applications. Sand-filled infill is safer and longer-lasting than synthetic grass without infill.

Bella Turf’s Golf Cups

With their brilliant white colour, Bella Turf’s Golf Cups make your putting green stand out from the rest. They feature minimum taper and are built for durability. Tested on more than 1000 Bella Turf Golf Greens, these cups are designed to be tough and last for years.

Artificial grass Accessories

To install golf cups, use a high quality adhesive on the base of the turf. It will help secure the cups into the ground, and it will dry quickly. You can then trim the turf over the golf cups with a sharp knife. This will prevent any wrinkles in the turf.

Bella Turf’s Self Adhesive Joining Tape

Self adhesive joining tape from Bella Turf artificial grass accessories is a great way to join artificial grass surfaces together. It is a lightweight, 8-inch butyl tape that is very easy to apply and holds seams firmly in place. It is also puncture proof, will not crack or lose tack, and is UV resistant.

Artificial grass Accessories

Envirofill acrylic-coated infill

In order to increase the lifespan of an artificial lawn, it is important to use the right infill artificial grass accessories material. The right infill product will reduce the risk of mold, mildew, and bacteria. It also offers low migration, which means you will not need to top it off as often. Additionally, Envirofill is highly durable, with a 16-year warranty. Whether you are looking to make a golf course, tennis court, or other artificial turf surface, Envirofill is a great choice.

Envirofill is made from nontoxic synthetic soil that is environmentally friendly and pet-friendly. It also resists odors and compaction. Envirofill is also non-flammable, non-toxic, and recyclable. It is among the best infill materials on the market.

Artificial grass Accessories

Moreover, it contains microban antimicrobial protection, which helps prevent bacteria and mold from growing on the infill. It also prevents stains and odors and extends the life of artificial grass lawns. Because of its antimicrobial properties, Envirofill is an excellent choice for families with pets. It can reduce ammonia in pet urine by 99%.

Envirofill is the most innovative turf infill artificial grass accessories available today. It has many uses and is the best choice for homeowners and commercial builders. It is safe and hygienic and can be easily installed in 3 simple steps. This product is available only from Lifestyle Lawns.

Infill is an essential part of any artificial grass installation. It fills the gaps between the grass blades, which keeps them upright. It also helps protect the backing from heat and UV rays.