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When you install a carpet or rug in your home, it can completely change the interior design of your home. It can make the space you install more streamlined and spacious. So if you’re looking for Area Rug Store in Bonita Springs, you’ve come to the right place. For example, let’s say you are installing Luxury Area rugs in the living room of your home. Once you install these rugs, you will see an immediate change in the interior design of the room.

The room becomes more spacious and luxurious. Adding carpets does not require major changes to the interior of the room, but you only create the illusion of space. If you want to give the room a more modern and contemporary look, you can install abstract, transitional or neutral rugs. The patterns of these rugs can give a room a more modern look and complement the furniture already installed in the room.

When strategically placed in a room, rugs can make the room feel cozier and warmer. It can make your home more comfortable. At Custom Floor Design, we have a wide selection of rugs at the best prices. Here you can buy carpets at a cheap and affordable price. Visit our website or our Area Rug Store in Bonita Springs location to purchase rugs to enhance the look of your home.

Considerations to Finding the Right Area Rugs to Buy in Bonita Springs

You came to shop for rugs at our Area Rug Store in Bonita Springs, but now you’ve made up your mind. You have analyzed it from every angle and now you have finally made the big decision: you have decided that you want to buy a rug for your home. First, it is important that you take care of your needs and personal taste.

In fact, if you approach the antique rug buying process with just this idea in mind, you’ll soon be on your way to finding the rug that’s right for you. After all, there are expensive things that tie an entire room together better than a beautiful rug—especially when you consider an antique rug.

However, you notice that instead of being excited, you feel overwhelmed and lacking confidence especially if you are buying an antique or vintage rug for the first time. But don’t worry – soon you will find the perfect carpet for you and everything will be fine again. As you begin your search to find the right rug to buy, there are certain things to keep in mind.

How to begin shopping for one?

One of the most common questions we get is, “Want to buy an antique oriental rug, but don’t know where to start or what to look for.” With that in mind, we decided to tackle this question! First of all, it must be understood that the rugs from our Area rug store in Bonita springs are collector’s items.

They are sought after by collectors, retailers, interior designers and private clients. They are amazing works of art and become rarer and rarer over the years. So let’s start with the basics – for a rug to be considered”antique” it must be at least 80 years old.

This is in contrast to paintings or furniture, which must be over 100 years old. The simple explanation is that carpets are expected to be used and walked on, not just looked at (since most people will never walk on a Wisely Kandinsky painting, it will probably last longer).

 How do you buy the right carpet in Bonita Springs?

 We have some tips to make the process easy and enjoyable. If possible, start planning your room by first looking for the best Carpet Store in Bonita Springs. There are many fabric designs that will complement any great rug, but while it’s not impossible, it’s harder to find rugs you love that match the fabrics.

To begin your antique rug buying adventure, there are two things you need to know before you have fun. We need to know the size and you need to set the budget. Measure your room; specifies the minimum and maximum usable size. Decide the purpose of the room. Does one large rug or several smaller rugs serve your purpose and/or look better aesthetically?

Once you’ve decided on a size and budget, the adventure of finding the right rug for you can begin. If you’ve already chosen a color scheme or are buying a rug for an already decorated room, don’t forget to bring sample pieces with you.

What Size should my carpet be?

One of the most common decorating mistakes is choosing a rug that is too small for the room. A general rule of thumb for most medium-sized rooms is to leave 10 to 20 inches of empty floor space between the edged rug and the walls. The size of your room and the furniture in the room will greatly affect the size of the rug.

In general, it is ideal in the living room that all the furniture is on a wide carpet or that all the front legs are on the carpet. In the dining room, the rug should be large enough for the table and chairs to stay on it even when they are pulled away from the table.

So in the bedroom, the carpet must frame the bed. Ideally, an 8×10 mat is recommended for a king bed and a 9×12 mat for a queen bed. If you happen to be in love with a smaller carpet layer, this is a great option.

What should you consider before buying a rug?

First, it is important to understand that rugs are collectible. They are sought after by collectors, dealers, interior designers and private clients. They are great works of art and have become increasingly rare over the years. A general rule of thumb is, what should I keep in mind before I physically look for the perfect rug?

Here are a few things to consider before you start looking for the perfect rug:


From cozy wool to elegant bamboo, rugs in this area are made from many different materials. There is also a combination of sisal and wool. If you prefer natural materials to synthetics, pure wool rugs are available. If you want to respect the environment, our Carpet Store in Bonita Springs will make wool rugs for you.

An added benefit of wool rugs is that they are extremely durable and will last a lifetime in all their glory. When it comes to environmental friendliness, great looks and durability, bamboo rugs are for you. They are dirt repellent and maintenance of bamboo rugs is basic. There are other carpets like silk carpets, Persian carpets etc.


A new rug will take longer to weave if it has a higher KPSI (knots per square inch). Of course, the nicer the new carpet, the more expensive it will be. Carpets are different because KPSI affects the price only when comparing the quality of two pieces that are almost identical in every other respect.


 Once the carpet material is selected, the size will appear. Carpets must perfectly fit the place where they will be placed. So, before choosing the size of the carpet, you must decide where you want to install it. The size of the rug should be based on where you want to place the rug. Most people make the mistake of buying a rug and then looking for the best place to put it.

Price factor

Carpets are very expensive and very cheap. Before purchasing a rug for your home, it’s always a good idea to spend some time online. In very tough competition, Our Carpet Store in Bonita Springs sellers are now giving big discounts. However, online scams come with discounts. Therefore, it is not worth rushing to buy a rug just because you see a discounted price. You must ensure that the source is genuine before proceeding with the purchase.


The carpet model you choose for your home shows more than just your sense of color and pattern. It is an expression of your personality. Before deciding on a design, you need to be sure of the look you’re going for, whether it’s modern or traditional, vibrant or sublime.

If you want a modern look, go for geometric patterned rugs, while traditional floral patterned rugs are an option. Another thing to consider is the placement of the rug. If it is near the dining room or kitchen, choose a rug that easily absorbs and hides stains. Rugs with multiple patterns and designs work well for this.