Are erectile dysfunction and diabetes connected?

The advertising industry has really caught up on easy solutions to ED (erectile dysfunction) issues. You may have noticed advertisements of Generic Viagra medicines that tell you that you can be ready when you want with just one pill. Many young men will be relieved to find such one-minute solutions. However, never take ED issues so lightly. Many times, ED issues are linked with more severe health issues like diabetes. Most people are totally unaware of the link between ED and diabetes. So, are they connected? A simple yes will not suffice as an answer here. We have tried to elaborate how the two are connected. This post will enumerate the different ways in which these two health issues are interlinked. Then you can decide how to tackle either of these issues.

The Role of PDE5 Hormone

A prominent hormone responsible for regulating the flow of blood to the major organs of the body is the PDE5 hormone. When a person is healthy, there is ample blood flow through all the major organs of the body. When a person is aroused, the blood rushes into the male organ causing an erection. The body can afford to invest on rush of blood through the male organs without hampering the health. In a healthy body, PDE5 does not interfere with these activities. However, when a person is not in his best health, things may be different.

One of the first signs of lack of health is poor blood circulation through the major organs of the body. Since the healthy blood flow through the body is necessary for survival, PDE5 hormone takes charge to ensure this. It prevents the rush of blood through the male organ even if the person is aroused. This is because the body cannot afford this rush of blood. A person who takes the ED issue seriously and works to improve health will benefit from this attitude. While erectile dysfunction treatment only manages the symptoms of ED, working on overall health will ensure prevent recurrent ED issues. It will also prevent other serious health issues like Diabetes.

What should you do when you observe the first signs of ED Issues?

It is important that ED could be a symptom for imbalance in health. ED issues could indicate towards more significant health problems. You need to evaluate what is causing an imbalance in overall health. Here are different factors you must consider:

Body Weight: One of the risk factors for ED issues is excess bodyweight. Similarly, men who are underweight also stand a greater chance of suffering from ED issues compared to regular weight people. It is evident from these facts that maintaining the right bodyweight can be crucial in avoiding reproductive health issues. There is also a direct link between excess weight gain and diabetes. Overweight and obese people are more prone to diseases resulting from high cholesterol levels in the body. You can work to maintain a healthy bodyweight to prevent such health issues. 

Diet: There is a saying that what we are depends on what we eat. The diet can play a major role in your health and wellbeing. This is why you should scrutinize your diet when you suffer from ED issues or any other health issues. A diet deficient in the necessary nutrients could result in ED issues. Similarly, a food that has high levels of cholesterol can result in diabetes and hypertension. If you choose cheap Viagra 100mg to tackle ED issues, it will only manage the symptom of ED. When you alter your diet, the cause of ED issue will be eliminated completely. This will ensure better overall health and wellbeing for you.

Fitness: The health of the body also depends on overall fitness. It is important to exercise regularly to stay fit. When you exercise, your muscles get worn out and this results in a regenerative process. However, if you do not exercise, this process does not take place. Your body parts get worn because of lack of use. This is surely not desirable. That is why you need to exercise regularly. It is said that you need to walk at least forty minutes each day in order to stay healthy.

Mental Health: Certain psychological factors also result in ED issues in men. You must understand these underlying causes to be able to prevent them. Here we have listed a few of these causes for ED issues:

  • When the partners are not emotionally compatible, ED issues can arise as a side effect.
  • ED issues can also be caused temporarily as a side effect of post-traumatic stress. 
  • People who are brought up in cultures that regard intercourse as a taboo also suffer from aversion towards nudity and intimacy. This can also result in ED issues due to psychological causes.
  • Some people are born with different sexual orientations. This could also cause ED issues if the person has a partner who doesn’t match the orientation.

You may order cheap generic medicines to tackle ED issues but they won’t remedy ED issues due to psychological causes. It is important to consult a counsellor if the ED issue is resulting from psychological causes.

Lifestyle: Whether you are suffering from ED issues or Diabetes, lifestyle always has a great impact on either of these health issues. A disciplined lifestyle will help you stay healthy and fit. Make sure you wake up at the same time each day. Maintain a regime for eating, exercising, and sleeping. This will help you stay fit and healthy.

Most people tend to ignore temporary ED (erectile dysfunction) issues. This may later develop into Diabetes or other chronic health conditions. It is important that you take the first signs of temporary ED issues seriously. Take a step to tackle the imbalance in health. You need to work to improve your diet and lifestyle. This will not just resolve the ED issue but also improve long term health. Then you won’t ever need medicines to cure your ED issues. You can enjoy a healthy and reproductive life without any hurdles.

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