Amazon Fire Sticks are known for their inability to produce sound.

To enjoy the same smart features found on older TVs, you don’t have to buy a new one. To access the smart features, you only need a TV that has HDMI input. Many streaming options are available that will turn your TV into a smart, interactive TV. The most popular smart TV stick is the Amazon Fire Stick. The Amazon Fire Stick is used worldwide by thousands of people to enjoy true Android experiences. This is thanks to the Amazon Fire OS3.0, which is built upon the Android interface.

Amazon Fire Stick works just like other streaming devices. However, there are many issues. These issues are mostly software-related and easily fixable. Most issues can be resolved by searching for online guides, except when your Amazon Fire Stick is experiencing a hardware issue. We will discuss a common problem that has plagued Fire Stick owners for quite some time.

Why there is no sound on fire stick

Amazon Fire Sticks are plagued by poor sound quality. It can be quite pointless to watch a movie on your TV with no sound. However, it doesn’t make the experience any better than watching an episode on your radio.

Your Fire Stick will not emit any sound and your TV won’t be able to output any sound, regardless of which speaker system you have. You can connect a high-quality sound system to your Fire Stick if the Fire Stick does not provide input.

There may be many reasons your Fire Stick doesn’t sound.

Hardware issues

Your Amazon Fire Stick may not be compatible with other display devices. There are many issues that can cause the Fire Stick to not work with other display devices, including a damaged HDMI connector and internal faults.

This can be fixed by connecting your Fire Stick to your TV. You can also check the HDMI connector to make sure there is no dust or dirt blocking the pins.

If the Fire Stick does not work with your device, you should get a replacement Fire Stick immediately. Amazon Fire Sticks come with an easy 1-year warranty.

If your product is under warranty, Amazon will replace it for you at no cost. You can contact Amazon customer service to resolve any issue even if the warranty does not cover your product.

Internet connectivity problems

Amazon Fire Stick, like most streaming devices, requires an internet connection to function. You will need to connect your WiFi network to stream content to the Fire Stick.

Streaming problems could be caused by problems with your WiFi connection. If your internet connection is slow, it might not receive audio data from the stream. It could stop streaming video. If your WiFi is unstable, this can also happen.

You can solve this problem by attaching a range extender to the router to the TV or Fire Stick. It will ensure that your Fire Stick is connected to strong WiFi and you won’t have any problems while using it. You can purchase a special splitter for your Fire Stick that allows you to connect various USB-powered accessories directly.

Many people are unaware that the Fire Stick supports a USB LAN Card. This allows you to connect to your internet via a wired connection.

Power Input Problems

A bad power supply can also affect the Fire Stick’s performance. The Fire Stick must be connected to the HDMI port of your TV in order for it to work.

The Fire Stick may restart if the power supply is not stable. This can happen when the Fire Stick is subject to heavy loads. This can occur when you stream 4K content to your Fire Stick, or play a video game.

Problem at Source

The Fire Stick should not cause audio problems when streaming apps are used. Updates will be posted almost weekly for content streaming apps like Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video.

This is to maintain stable versions and avoid recurring problems with the platform. You can update your app to the most recent version by visiting Amazon’s app shop. You can also clean-install the app to get the latest version and clear all data.

I am able to help you troubleshoot any issues with the sound on your Firestick. These are some common problems and their solutions:

  1. Turn up the volume on your TV so that it is not muted.
  2. Make sure that your Firestick and TV have the correct audio cables.
  3. You can restart the Firestick by unplugging from the power source, waiting for a few seconds, then plugging it in again.
  4. Verify that the Firestick’s audio output settings are correct. Go to Settings > Display and Sounds > Audio > HDMI audio. Select the right audio format.
  5. Make sure you have an external sound system connected properly to your TV.
  6. Try uninstalling the app and reinstalling it if none of these options work. This will often fix audio issues.

If audio problems persist after trying all these solutions, it could be due to the Firestick. For further assistance, contact Amazon customer service.

Certainly! If you still have audio problems with your Firestick, here are some additional troubleshooting options:

  1. Check that your Firestick is current. Go to Settings > My FireTV > About > Check for updates.
  2. You should check the audio settings of your TV. You may have an additional setting that controls the audio input on some TVs. You should ensure that the right input is chosen.
  3. You can remove an HDMI splitter/ HDMI switch and connect the Firestick directly with the TV. Sometimes, these devices can cause audio problems.
  4. You can disable audio equalizers and enhancements if you’re using third-party apps on Firestick.
  5. Make sure your surround sound system is properly configured and set up.
  6. Try resetting your Firestick back to factory settings if none of these options work. You will lose all your settings and data. Make sure you back up important files before you do this. Go to Settings > My Fire TV > Factory Resets to reset your Firestick.

More info on the firestick troubleshooting guide.

Note:Try resetting your Firestick back to factory settings if none of these options work. You will lose all your settings and data. Make sure you back up important files before you do this. Go to Settings > My Fire TV > Factory Resets to reset your Firestick.