All You Need To Know About: Rummy Cash Games Vs. Rummy Tournaments

With the passage of time, the Rummy card game has gained popularity among the masses. It’s a 13-card game in which players are required to meld cards into valid sets or sequences. By playing rummy card games, players get the opportunity to win real cash and rewards. Players also get the opportunity to improve certain skills which are analytical, mathematical, logical reasoning etc. With the advent of technology, this traditional card game has become easily accessible to play. It is one of the card games which can be played with anyone at any time. All you need is a smartphone and internet connectivity. Platforms such as Rummy Passion give a chance to its users to play Cash Games and Rummy Tournaments which are hosted on a regular basis.

Before we get into the difference between Rummy Cash Games and Rummy Tournaments, it is important to understand the meaning.

Rummy Cash Games

In Rummy cash games players are required to pay a minimum fee as per the table. Winning players get real cash by playing rummy cash games. Rummy Passion has three cash game variants which are Points Rummy, Pool Rummy and Deals Rummy. In a rummy cash game, players can join the game whenever they want. The entry fee is also different for each variant of the cash game. The winning amount depends upon the entry fee, the higher the entry fee, the higher the cash rewards. It is important to note that different variants have different methods for calculating the winning amount.

Rummy Tournaments

Rummy Tournaments are multiplayer games that are played for a fixed number of deals. Players can play Cash tournaments and freeroll tournaments at platforms such as Rummy Passion. Players have to register for the tournament and select the given time slot. Players are given a number of chips, and the basic goal is to not let them run out of hand. The round’s winner gets all the chips of other players who have lost the game. In Rummy Passion, there are two types of Tournaments which are Freeroll Tournaments and Cash Tournaments.

Difference Between Rummy Cash Games and Rummy Tournaments

As a player, it is vital that you understand the difference between Rummy Cash Games and Rummy Tournaments. Here’s an in-depth account of both forms of the game.

1.  Availability of Time

If you want to play and earn money at convenience, you must try a hand at Rummy Cash Games. Whereas, if you are a person who can give a specific time for the game, then Rummy Tournaments are the best to play. Rummy tournaments are hosted in a specific time slot. Rummy Tournaments are favourable for those who are flexible with their time.

2.  Patience

One must not lose patience while playing Online Rummy cash games. It requires patience to upskill the game. In rummy cash games players can leave the game anytime they want. Meanwhile, in online rummy tournaments, players are required to play all the deals at the table.

3. Rewards

Online Rummy Games give the opportunity to win rewards and real cash. If we talk about Rummy Tournaments, rewards are big, and the entry fee is minimum. In rummy tournaments, the winning amount is preset, and the amount is divided among players. In Rummy Cash Games, the winning amount is decided based on the Cash game variant on which the game is played. The winning amount is fixed in all the variants of Rummy Cash games. The winning amount varies depending on the table.

4. Break the Monotony

Tournaments provide players with respite from cash games which can seem tedious after a point. In Online Rummy Tournaments, players get the opportunity to play different types of Tournaments. At the same time, Rummy Cash games are similar in nature.


All in all, In both the games, players have fun and learning experiences that develop their understanding of Rummy gameplay. Rummy Cash Games and Rummy Tournaments can help you gain the fame as an online rummy player that you’ve desired even before entering the gaming industry. If you want enjoyment and fun, then Rummy Passion has action-packed fun waiting for you. So, what are you waiting for, download the rummy game app – Rummy Passion and win real cash and prizes.

Happy Gaming!