All about YouTube Thumbnails

You are probably trying to get more subscribers, views, likes and comments on your videos.

It’s not easy. You can’t just upload a video with no title, description or tags and expect people to watch it. You have to know what people want before you post something on YouTube. That’s why so many people buy YouTube subscribers these days because they can tell if someone is buying them or not by looking at their subscriber count. And that’s why you need a catchy thumbnail to attract viewers! Also, if you buy YouTube views you will attract them with ease.

What is a YouTube thumbnail?

A thumbnail is an image that appears next to your video when someone visits your channel. It’s the first thing people see when they go to YouTube or search for something on YouTube.

The reason why thumbnails are so important is because they act as a preview of what’s in the video. If you have a boring thumbnail, people won’t watch it. On the other hand, if you have an eye-catching thumbnail, more people will watch!\

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How does YouTube choose what thumbnails will show up?

How does YouTube choose what thumbnails will show up?

In a nutshell, your video’s thumbnail will be chosen based on the following factors:

  • Relevance to the video’s content and title. If you have a video titled “How To Get Great Breasts” but it shows someone doing something else in the thumbnail, it won’t perform as well as one with an engaging image that is focused on breasts.
  • The number of times your video has been viewed before. This is why many YouTubers put out several versions of their videos before uploading them for maximum exposure and views before they were taken down by copyright claims (more on this later).

How do you create great thumbnails for your videos?

Once you’ve created a fantastic video, it’s time to think about how you will present it to the world. One of the most important elements of any video is its thumbnail, or image that appears as part of the preview for the video in YouTube. For people to click on your thumbnail, you have to attract them with a large number of subscribers, that’s why you need to buy YouTube subscribers and more people will watch your video. It’s true that a large number of likes will make them to click on your video. But gaining likes is more difficult than subscribers, that’s why many YouTube often buy YouTube likes to boost their videos.

The thumbnail is one of the first things viewers will see when they click on your video and should serve as an immediate indicator of what kind of content they’re about to watch. It can make or break whether someone chooses to watch your clip or not.

To create great thumbnails:

  • Choose a good template: Use templates from sites like Canva or PicMonkey; these allow you more flexibility and control over colors than basic design programs like Microsoft Paint do without being overly complicated for beginners (or those who simply don’t have time).
  • Pick your images wisely: If possible, pick images that are already professionally photographed and edited so that they look good right out of the box! If not, consider having them retouched by professionals before putting them up on your channel

1. Use a good template

  • Use a good template
  • Don’t use a template that is too busy
  • Don’t use a template that is cliche
  • Don’t use a template that is boring

2. Choose your image source wisely

There are several things to consider when choosing an image.

  • Make sure your image is not too dark or bright. If you have a dark background and a light-colored subject, the contrast will be too much for your subscribers’ eyes and cause them to strain. The same thing goes for too much brightness; if you have a very bright object (such as white) on top of a dark background, it will be difficult for the viewer’s eyes to adjust and focus on both elements in the picture at once. This can also make them feel uncomfortable watching your video since they’re trying so hard not to blink!

3. Keep it simple

You should keep it simple. The text in your videos should be short and to the point. It’s a good idea to use a large font size for this reason, as well as for readability on mobile devices. You should also try to use images that are simple and clear, with bright colors that pop against the background. Finally, make sure there is high contrast between text and background so viewers can see what they’re reading easily!

4. Be consistent with your brand

Having a consistent brand is crucial to building an audience on YouTube. It’s also something that is often overlooked, so let’s dive into the details of how you can make sure your brand is recognizable across all platforms.

First off, pick a color palette that will help users identify your videos and channels when they’re looking through their subscriptions. This can be as simple as choosing one or two prominent colors and sticking with them throughout all of your branding efforts (for example: bright red). You don’t have to get too fancy here—but do try not to change things up too much!

Once you’ve chosen a color palette for yourself, it’s time to think about fonts. Your font should be unique enough so that when people see it in the wild (on their phone in the middle of nowhere), they know instantly whose content this is from. This may sound like an impossible task—but luckily there are many free resources available online where you can find fonts for free! Just make sure it fits with your brand identity before using it consistently in everything else related with social media marketing campaigns.”

5. Use data and statistics to back up your claims (don’t just make things up)

  • Use data and statistics to back up your claims

YouTube is a place that thrives on the popularity of content creators. If you’re trying to make your channel grow, it’s important to use data and statistics to back up your claims. If you don’t have any data, don’t just make things up! That will make it harder for people to trust what you have to say later on down the line. Instead of making things up or using shaky arguments, use facts and figures from reputable sources (like Google) instead of just pulling numbers out of thin air.

6. Write engaging headlines that grab attention from people scrolling through their feeds (and don’t overuse exclamation points)

  • Make sure your headline is clear. The most important part of a YouTube video is the title, so make sure it’s clear and descriptive.
  • Avoid overusing exclamation points! Unless you are going for some kind of ironic tone, they should not be used in headlines or descriptions unless absolutely necessary to emphasize something.
  • Make sure there is something interesting in your headline. Try to avoid using “watch me” as a statement or question (unless what you’re doing is really exciting), as this will come off as more promotional than informative for users scrolling through feeds looking for content that interests them.
  • Keep it short and sweet—people have limited attention spans when browsing social media sites like YouTube, so make sure your headline doesn’t go on forever! If possible, consider including an image with the first few words of text so people don’t scroll past without seeing anything interesting before continuing down their feed list looking for something else worth watching instead (and never underestimate how much visual stimulation can improve engagement rates!)

Thumbnails are an important part of any YouTube video and they should not be taken lightly!

Use high-quality images that are clear and have good contrast. If you have a photo, make sure it’s not pixelated or blurry. Using stock images also doesn’t make for a very compelling thumbnail—but if your video is about a general topic like “how to lose weight” and features many stock photos, then this might be okay for the thumbnail.

Use the right dimensions: 1280 by 720 pixels (16:9 aspect ratio)

Use text overlays with bright colors but not too much text so they’re still readable

Don’t use clickbait titles! Just because you want more clicks doesn’t mean anyone else will want them too…unless they’re click-bait aficionados who crave more eye candy in their lives 🙂