Advantages And Disadvantages Of Instagram

Instagram users can edit and upload photos and short videos with the smartphone app. Users can use Geotags and hashtags to categorize their content, to share them with other app users and increasing active followers on Instagram. The contributions of a user are public when they have been hazeed or carved and appear in the Instagram Feeds of followers. Users have the opportunity to keep their accounts private, which means that only followers can see their contributions. With the Instagram Direct function, users can chat private with friends, e.g. B. posts and like the messages from other users. With a single click, users can publish photos on one or more social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr.

Both people and companies can use the Instagram platform. Companies can make free business accounts in the app for sharing photos to advertise their brand and products. Business accounts enable companies to measure the deployment and impressions for free. According to Instagram, more than a million entrepreneurs around the world use the platform to share their stories and improve their business results and boost genuine likes for Instagram.

Advantages of Instagram

You can find out how many famous Instagram users use this method to share their content and reach income. It is an entertaining way to learn money and make money. If your goal is clear, you can make the best of Instagram to take videos and photos.

Cheap or almost free

The Instagram app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for free. Everyone can register for free and create an account. This means that every smartphone user can use the software at any time.

Increases contacts

is a social network in which you can follow celebrities and keep in touch with your friends. Anyone who has lost old friends can look at Instagram, and entrepreneurs can even make profiles and ask others to follow them. In this way, managing directors and ordinary people can improve their interactions together.

Creation of creative portfolios

By using Instagram to exchange photos and videos, users can present their work in a more user -friendly format. People can find vacancies with people or make it easier to make contact with potential followers. By using hashtags and other relevant keywords, users can continue to advertise their work on this platform.

Make unforgettable moments

Users can make permanent memories by taking photos and videos that capture important or unforgettable moments. This can be useful in situations where people want to remember an event or a moment in their lives. With hashtags, users can easily share these memories with others.

Making networks and relationships

One of the most important benefits of Instagram is that it can help people build relationships and networks. By sharing content with others, users can connect to new people and find friends. By using hashtags, users can easily find different users with similar interests. This can help users connect to potential followers or colleagues.

It combines with other social media

Other social media such as Facebook and Twitter can easily be connected to Instagram.

Great filter

Many filters are currently being used to download videos and photos. People like to use these filters and even roll with these filters.

Help In Earning

Making money on Instagram is simple and there are many ways to do this:

  • Create and sell
  • Products
  • Brand sponsorship
  • Report your videos in money with advertisements
  • Fan subscription and making content etc.

Business Branding

The majority of the branding is exclusively performed on social media. For the first time, the entrepreneur is given the interest and requirement of people and sells and buys and buys, when popularity grows, easily on behalf of his brand.

Disadvantages of Instagram

In addition to the benefits, Instagram has some significant disadvantages that you need to know before use. Depending on your intended application and your involvement skills, you should have major problems.

Instagram depends on people

Instagram has become an addiction and to this day young people in Instagram often use it for fun. This addiction must be used with caution because it can lead to many problems.

Only a few people can use Instagram functions

Many people cannot use Instagram functions because they do not have Android telephone.

Instagram is mainly used for portable design on mobile devices

Some functions are not displayed when they are used on laptop or other devices because they are designed for mobile phones.

4 Not suitable for all control systems

Insta is available and can only be used on iOS, Windows Mobile Radio or Android mobile devices. Other mobile operating systems such as Linux or Blackberry are not included.

The problem of photo

Because others can use their uploaded photos for professional purposes, there is a risk of theft. This means that the image can be used for commercial purposes without the user’s permission.

Ads can be wrong

Someone occasionally makes fake ads to mislead many people. People no longer trust Instagram because of different fake advertising campaigns. Other companies must suffer.

Instagram History

In San Francisco, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger Instagram started creating a Foursquare-like platform after he originally forced, but eventually concentrated on photography. The terms “instant camera” and “telegram” were combined to form the name Instagram. The iOS software was made available on October 6, 2010 via the iTunes Version Store and the Android app on April 3, 2012. According to the company, the network has included phenomenal popularity growth only two years after the introduction, which now has more than 40 million active members. For this reason, Facebook officially bought Instagram in the summer of 2012 for $ 1 billion. When Instagram started, users could only upload photos, but in 2013 users could also upload videos of 15 seconds. Instagram increased the maximum video length to 60 seconds in 2016. The actual aspect ratio of each Instagram photo had to be square until 2015. And the company has changed it so that subscribers can publish photos and videos in its actual size and Instagram is my favorite social media in world.


Instagram is an application that has attracted millions of attention from all over the world. As we have already seen, it has advantages, but it also has disadvantages. Be careful when using Instagram. Children must avoid using Instagram, because such use of Instagram is not used in their lives. 6 people use Instagram carefully. There are fake ads and useless content that waste your time. We have to draw attention to people that social media are fun, networks and entertainment and no other criminal activities.