Advanced Features of odoo custom development- Learn everything here

One of the most popular software platforms for developing ERP applications that enable businesses to manage their extensive workflows centrally is Odoo. 

It meets the needs of cross-industry organizations by providing a full suite of business process management tools and assisting them in creating unique solutions from the beginning. 

Additionally, Odoo releases new features and upgrades every year to improve its modules’ fundamental functionality for better business performance. 

Odoo has long captured the attention of both enterprises and ERP developers, as well as members of the tech community. At the same time, reports about the new Odoo ver. Features and early projections are flowing around the internet. Here will look at it in detail:

Limitless Customization

Not every software can adequately support an enterprise’s complex business procedures. There are situations when a unique, customized adaption or solution is required. You can change almost anything in Odoo. 

The Odoo backend is an incredibly powerful development platform that can be used to create and manage specialized solutions for any company operation. Based on the limitless customization, most odoo custom development  prefers to use this one. 

High flexibility  

The adaptability and moldability of the Odoo Website builder are its primary strengths. Because of the great assistance the module provides, you can combine and match the designing tools and capabilities of the Odoo Website module based on your needs. 

With the new Odoo, you can now apply animations to photos to give your website a unique look. If you need help with how to use the picture on the website, you can hire an odoo development company, as they will handle your task quickly. 


Any supply chain’s foundation is made up of logistics and inventory. Utilizing RFIDs and IoT devices linked to the inventory module, supply chains using Odoo can trace products from beginning to finish. 

Sending out alerts when a product is running short also helps to maintain optimal stock levels.

Knowledge module

The knowledge module is a unique module that is added to Odoo and concludes its introduction. Using the knowledge module, professionals and managers will be able to produce documents and share their expertise. 

The organization will be more productive due to the knowledge module because employee and employer communication will be improved. This feature is suitable for all of Odoo’s modules.

Marketing module

The email marketing module in the Odoo version has been enhanced to allow the generation of new templates utilizing pre-existing email layouts. Global settings for the email list can also be modified. The postal addresses of your contacts are readily available.

With this edition’s social media and marketing dashboard, a variety of approaches and messages is easy. By doing this, you can easily create an online presence for your business and manage its social media platforms.

Website Module

You can control both the front and back end of your website using odoo custom development from a single view. When building a good website, you will significantly reduce the quantity of time required.

The website can be controlled, managed, and customized using a variety of tools. Using the new website builder module, you may add activity and engagement to your website.

Additionally, you can customize the website page without having to update it constantly. For easier user accessibility and control, the website may provide more filtering and grouping tools.

Efficiency and Performance

The first thing people consider while purchasing or using any software is its performance. It is one of the most essential aspects in the development of a company. 

The performance and effectiveness of Odoo have been focused on in the most recent version of the odoo development process. Odoo is expected to operate quickly and efficiently. 

Once you start utilizing it, you will notice a marked increase in speed. The software’s improved performance improves the user experience.

Impressive user interface

Any business software’s user interface has an impact on how effectively connected business processes operate. Fast information interchange, simple usability, and user-friendly design are essential.

Fortunately, Odoo’s clear and attractive user interface goes beyond simply meeting organizational needs. Additionally, it allows business owners to manage their corporate processes more effectively.


Business software needs to be able to manage many business units in a seamless manner for organizations with several divisions. 

However, odoo custom development allows for the simultaneous creation and management of numerous modules and offerings, including multiple companies, warehouses, websites, e-commerce sites, and accounting systems.

Additionally, the multilingual features of Odoo are advantageous to businesses with an international reach.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 business processes need to be integrated and maintained meaningfully, which calls for robust software. Odoo uses artificial intelligence to speed up business operations by automating routine tasks. 

The comprehensive integration of existing business processes with the Odoo database and the incorporation of devices provide efficient business operations. You should remember that clients and partners in business are also aware of these modern improvements.

Final Thoughts

The above listed are a few of the significant additions and features in Odoo that will speed up and improve the effectiveness of development. However, it is essential to remember that despite all of these updates, the fundamental function of modules will remain unchanged.

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