Add These Décor Items to Your Home This Festive Season 

With the festive season just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to redecorate your home to elevate its look. There is no denying the fact that shopping during the festive season has its thrill, thanks to tons of ongoing Diwali offers. If you are one of those who is planning to make some changes to their home, then we bring to you suggestions of different décor items that you should add to your space to make it more welcoming and festive-ready. 

1. Patio table set

If you have a balcony or an outdoor space then a compact patio table set is a must. Festive season witnesses a lot of family and friends gathering, so having a nice seating area outdoors will double the fun time you have with your family and friends. Decorate the table with some interesting table tops, throw in some colorful cushions, and add fairy lights to beautifully transform your place. 

2. Couch organizer holder

If your sofa design includes an armrest then this furniture accessory will make a very interesting addition to your home this festive season. Also known as a couch caddy, the armrest organizer sits perfectly on the arms of your sofa and comes with a cup holder, a tray, two or three pockets to hold the remote, and other gadgets like a cell phone. This is a perfect choice when you want to chill out with your friends and watch your favourite show on Netflix. 

3. Ottamans

When we talk about soft furninishing, ottomans steal the show. They are very versatile and can help you create additional seating space to entertain guests without taking up much floor space. They look very luxurious and high on function. Ottomans come with additional storage space and they can be easily moved wherever required. You can even place them on the footrest of your bed for that added element of comfort and style. 

4. Vases

Yes you read that right, adding beautiful vases that hold colorful blooms, to your living space instantly makes a difference to the room without much effort. You will find vases made of different materials available in the market. If you have a traditional home décor then vases made out of brass add a royal look to the home, while homes with modern designs can explore vases made out of glass to blend with your urban setting.

5. Throw blankets

If you want to give your home a cozy touch, then get some throw blankets! They infuse a sense of luxury while putting your guests at ease the moment they step into your living room. They are great to inject colour and texture to your interiors. They are multipurpose in their function and you can use them either to create an eye-please detail to your couch or use it in the bedroom for an added layer of warmth. 

6. Art

Another full-proof way to give your space flair and charm is by adding wall art. You can either add paintings or frame your moments and hang them on the wall.

Apart from the above-mentioned points, simple changes like adding new lighting, and house plants for instance can do wonders to transform your space.