A skincare guide to care for your dehydrated skin

Do you feel like your skin is never properly moisturised despite using all kinds of skincare products?

In most cases you misidentify your skin as being dry, while in fact it’s dehydrated. Yes, despite being used interchangeably, there is a considerable difference between dry and dehydrated skin!

Dry skin is deficient in lipids while dehydrated skin is water deficient. Dehydration is one of the most common skin imbalances that many of you face. To better understand how to care for your dehydrated skin, read on.

Gentle Cleanser 

Well if your body isn’t quite a temple, you can surely face issues in your skin. call it the balance of elements, it’s true we all need water, the right diet and suitable climatic conditions to ensure healthy skin. 

So, the first best step would be starting your skincare regime with a gentle face wash. Enter our Rice radiant face wash. It softly glides onto your skin to effectively remove all the dirt and oil from your skin. The creamy texture cleanses while maintaining the moisture level in your skin. its best for those with dry and sensitive skin types as it brightens and softens your skin. 

Follow up with a moisturiser

Anyone of you can suffer from issues of dehydrated skin. but it’s nothing to fret over, it can be easily dealt with, with a suitable moisturising skincare product. The rice glow cream by Pinksoul is a great option which contains vitamins B and E. it supports all activities in your skincare regime by protecting the skin barrier, soothing and moisturising your skin. 

The butter cookies dry skin moisturiser also serves well for your skincare regime. The creamy blend of butter and cocoa slides on smoothly on your skin and reaches beyond your surface layers as it moisturises your skin. 

Another great skincare product by Pinksoul is the watermelon jelly moisturiser. This absorbs well into your skin as it hydrates and nourishes to provide glow. You can apply this on your face after washing it in the day or night skincare regime. 

Apply a face mask

Regular face masks may be permissive but why go on by ‘saving for the best’ concept while you can actually live your best life now. It goes without saying that face masks are the missing piece in the puzzle when it comes to dealing with dehydrated skin. This bit in fact moves the needle the farthest. 

Rosy glow mask by Pinksoul is your best bet. This organic skincare product is enriched with dried rose petals and husn-e-yusuf to lock in moisture and give you the desired glow from within. 

Night creams

Skincare before going to bed is a complete no brainer. As important it is to brush your teeth and remove makeup, applying a night cream is as essential.

If you wish to go for maximum productivity and optimised time you may want to consider an eight hour stretch for skincare products to get to work. To further increase the impact, you should apply vitamin E essential oil by Pinksoul before going to bed. You will feel your skin has renewed and revived overnight. 

Layer your lips

Your lips are bound to get dehydrated if you are not looking after them. The epidermis which forms the top most layer of your skin is the thinnest than the other parts of your skin. more so there are no sebaceous glands in your lips which means your lips lack natural oils to be moisturised. So, in order to protect your lips, a regular smear of Hello Hydrating lips balm by Pinksoul is much needed. 

Stay hydrated on the go

You have a busy schedule! We get that but that certainly does not mean you don’t use your skincare products to guard your skin from dehydration. 

Nowadays you will get travel friendly sizes in different skincare brands. All you have to do is simply toss them in your purse as you travel. you can carry a refreshing face mist along with you like What a Glow face mist toner by Pinksoul. This skincare product is infused with rose extracts, aloevera, sandalwood and glycerine to keep your skin hydrated and give a 1000-watt glow. 

Similarly, you can carry a moisturiser that suits your skin type with you at all times. Our best bet would be the watermelon jelly moisturiser by Pinksoul which absorbs into your skin leaving a matte finish. It hydrates and moisturises your skin with its natural skincare ingredients. 

It’s also suggested that you keep a lip balm in your purse wherever you go so you can keep reapplying it as you feel any dryness on your lips. 

Girls if you seem to be dealing with dehydrated skin, follow our skincare guide!