A High Voltage Tester That Goes the Extra Mile with line laser

A recent addition to the marketplace is a high voltage tester that goes the extra mile with line lasers. This device is used to test the voltage of electrical circuits and equipment. The tester is placed on the circuit and the user activates the laser. The laser then sends a beam of light across the circuit which is visible to the naked eye. This allows the user to see if the current is within the safe range or if it is too high.

The line laser is a great addition to the high-voltage tester because it allows the user to see the current in the circuit without having to open up the equipment. This great safety feature makes this tester a must-have for any electrician or technician.

The Features Of The High Voltage Tester:

  1. High-voltage test equipment:

This high-voltage tester is mainly used for high-voltage transmission and distribution lines, substations, etc. It can be used to check overvoltage, Undervoltage and other abnormal power transmission or distribution line conditions.

  • Automatic measuring system:

This high-voltage tester has an automatic measuring system that can measure voltage continuously at any interval automatically; it can also be used to check overcurrent and undercurrent simultaneously.

  • Accurate measurement:

With its plug-in type interface, this high-voltage tester can measure voltage accurately within 1% (accuracy is within 0.5%).

Why The Line Laser Is Important:

The line laser is a device used to test electrical wires. It is basically a test light that can be used to detect shorts and other faults in the electrical system. The line laser is a very useful tool for electrical engineers and technicians who work in the field of electronics. It is also very useful in the field of construction, where it can be used to detect problems with the installation of cables, pipes or other materials used in various projects.

The line laser has become an important tool for electricians, mechanics and other professionals who need to check their tools and equipment on a daily basis.

How The Line Laser Makes This High Voltage Tester Extra Special?

This high voltage tester is the first of its kind in the market. It comes with a line laser that allows you to see the voltage output on your work piece. The line laser is built into the tester and is powered by an internal battery. The line laser creates a bright red line on any surface that can be used for testing. This feature makes it easier for users to see where their work piece needs to be repaired or replaced.

The line laser is also very useful when working on electrical equipment that has been damaged by lightning strikes or other accidents. It can help you detect when there are any cracks or breaks in your equipment’s wiring, which means that you can fix these problems before they become bigger problems later on down the road!

Other Features That Make The High Voltage Tester Stand Out:

The Line Laser with high voltage tester is a versatile tool that can be used for testing, inspecting, and diagnosing circuits. It has a wide range of applications in industry, research and education.

It is a must-have tool for anyone who needs to test their electrical equipment at home or at work. It makes it simple to run any type of test on your circuit boards, including checking the polarity of capacitors, resistors, and other components.

The High-voltage Tester Has A Built-in Line Laser That Makes It Easier To Find The Point Of Impact When Testing:

This is especially important when testing electronics, as small amounts of voltage can affect the performance of your device.

The tester also has a built-in thermocouple, which allows you to measure temperature as well as voltage. A thermocouple is an excellent tool for determining whether your device is at fault.

The voltage tester also offers more than just basic testing options. It has a built-in analog meter that allows you to test the resistance of various items on your circuit board without needing to purchase additional equipment such as an ohmmeter or voltmeter.


After testing a variety of high-voltage testers, we’ve found that the line laser helps the order align both components with a single reference. This avoids any human error in placement. The line laser is used for core positioning during slitting for accurate placement of the core, the slitting knife or the cutter. We highly recommend this tester from Puretronics to anyone looking for a reliable and accurate product.