A Guide To Build A Successful On-Demand Grocery Delivery App

An on-demand grocery delivery app development company is in high demand these days. Many grocery delivery app solutions are making big changes in people’s lives. It is not limited to comfort anymore. Now, ordering online and getting services instantly has become a trend. However, people in urban and metro cities have been using such grocery delivery apps for the past few years. Still, semi-urban and rural areas are yet to grow with the latest technologies in this area of life.

Instacart, Shipt, Swiggy, Dunzo, BigBasket, and other grocery delivery applications are popular in India and abroad. The major markets that they cover are urban and metro cities. The competition is tough, with many grocery delivery apps available. So, have a unique idea if you are considering contacting a grocery delivery app development company to build your grocery app. In addition, your business plan and marketing techniques must be distinct.

Business Model for Your On-demand Grocery Delivery App

Three kinds of business models are famous for any grocery delivery app. Your on-demand grocery delivery development company will guide you based on your long-term goal.

Single Store Grocery Delivery App

If you have your store and want to make more sales, it is for you. With your business on the online platform, you can take orders from more people. It is also easy to manage the store online. It will eventually increase your revenue.

Multi-vendor Grocery Delivery App

It is a beneficial plan for vendors who have supermarket chains. They can take leverage and set up their store online. It is easy to manage multiple shops with an online grocery delivery app. Vendors can take orders, prepare the package and deliver it on time.

Aggregator Grocery Delivery App

You can register on this marketplace whether you have one shopping store or a supermarket chain. Every grocery store sells its goods to a broader, more diverse user base. It creates a healthy competitive dynamic. Also, more users will be here as opposed to the other two.

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Key Features of an On-demand Grocery Delivery App

The key features of a grocery delivery app are as follows-

Registration- The vendors and consumers must log in on the grocery delivery app platform and pass a two-step verification process. An Email ID and mobile number are necessary to register.

Profile Management- The vendors must set up their shop and list the items on their profile. They also need to display necessary business & product info to ensure transparency.

Order Management- Vendors can accept or reject orders based on available items and delivery location. Users need to set up their location while ordering. They can add the items available in the shopping cart and place orders.

In-app Payment Gateway- Users can choose various payment methods, such as Cards, UPI, Net Banking, etc. They also get bills online during the payment process. Vendors pay commissions and listing fees in the aggregator app business model. They also receive payment from customers via an in-app payment system.

Location Tracking- Location tracking helps people and vendors track the delivery. Usually, the grocery delivery app development company incorporates Google Maps.

Google Analytics- Google Analytics is a useful tool in the admin panel of grocery delivery apps. It exhibits detailed reports of business performances. So, the app company can strategize its business plan and understand its target audience better.

Feedback- Honest reviews are necessary to build the brand and a robust customer relationship. So, in a customer app, customers can leave their reviews and ratings.

Subscription- The grocery delivery app company releases many subscription offers and discounts to attract its target audience. Vendors also get various business subscription offers to choose from and expand their business on the app platform.

Push Notifications- Push notifications are useful for real-time activity and receiving various marketing offers from the grocery delivery app company.

Steps in On-demand Grocery App Development Process

Market Research and Business Plan

Proper market research is essential before contacting a grocery delivery app development company. It will help you understand this competitive market better. You can easily formulate your unique business plan after understanding the delivery industry.

Contacting the Grocery Delivery App Development Company

Now, it’s time to find the best grocery delivery app development company. Ensure that they understand your vision and goals. You need to know your tech team. Usually, the tech team consists of a project manager, team lead, frontend and backend developers, full-stack engineers, UI/UX designers, QA and test engineers, and business analysts.

Grocery App Designing and Development

The grocery app development company needs web and mobile app plan details before starting the development process. The UI/UX designers will design the app, and developers will build it. You can ask for timely updates from your tech team. The QA and test engineers perform various quality tests before finalizing the development process.

It’s time to launch after you get your app from the grocery delivery app development company. You can also hire your marketing team to market your services to target audiences faster.

Time and Cost to Develop A Grocery Delivery Application

It isn’t easy to estimate the total cost of the grocery delivery app development process. However, some contributing factors can give you an estimation. Mobile app development company’s location, developers’ cost, app platform complexity, number of features, third-party services, and many more. Usually, it takes about 3 to 6 months to complete the development process. It costs about US$18,000 to US$25,000.

Further, the grocery delivery app development company also offers white-label grocery app software. It is pre-configured software with all the key features. It costs even less and takes less time to complete.


Now, you know what it takes to build an on-demand grocery delivery app. It is wise to choose an Indian grocery delivery app development company to build the grocery app. Because Indian companies offer cost-effective solutions and the latest technology integration within budget, therefore, it is highly recommendable.

Further, more people are using online platforms for various on-demand services. Hence, if you are considering hiring an on-demand grocery delivery app development company to build the app, it is the right time.