9 Tips for Buying a Safe and Good Hoverboard

Hoverboard, its popularity has since last year and has become widespread public consumption. You can find people free skating with their hoverboards in malls, on the street looking at their cell phones, and in other public places. In fact, if you pay attention, now there is a hoverboard rental service that you can play in a special arena in the mall. Wow, until that much huh! If you want to have your own hoverboards it’s a good idea to consider the 9 tips below first.

  1. A hoverboard is an electric scooter that can be self-balancing
    Hoverboards are not electronics that can make you fly, but this scooter has a self-balancing feature which requires you to stand above balance to move it.
  2. Do not buy hoverboards for children
    Hoverboards are not toys for children, these scooters are usually safe for use by those who are over 12 years old. So, if you are thinking about buying a hoverboard for children aged 8 or 10 years, it’s better not.
  3. Read as many reviews as possible
    Buying a hoverboard isn’t like buying a razor, you need to do your research first. One way is to read reviews and buying guides first on Amazon, Ebay, and Telunjuk to help you determine what quality and features you want on your hoverboard.
  4. Consider buying products for the United States.
    For those of you who have relatives living in the United States or want to shop online, make sure you look at the products offered by American brands like Razor. Why? They offer warranty coverage and customer service. If you buy online, it’s a good idea to examine whether the product being sold comes with a warranty and what the return and damage mechanism is.
  5. Hoverboards take hours to charge.
    If you are basically impatient and don’t like waiting, choose a hoverboard that has a fast-charging feature. Because most hoverboards take hours to fully load and you can get old waiting for it.
  6. Covered speed is 2 – 12 mph.
    The IO Hawk has a maximum speed of up to 6.2 Mph and can go as far as 12 miles. Meanwhile, Future Foot can run up to 12 mph with a maximum distance of 12 miles. So, you need to determine how fast the hoverboard can go with the consideration of who will use it and whether it is safe with available speed to use anytime and anywhere.
  7. Find out the weight of your target hoverboard.
    Even though it sounds trivial, a heavy hoverboard can actually be a weapon for you. Why? Hoverboards cannot be used in any road conditions, certain altitudes and steepness. So, you can just carry a hoverboard on a downhill road and make sure you buy one that is light enough to carry around.
  8. Find out the hoverboard usage policy.
    Whether you like it or not, the policy on using hoverboards is getting stricter in Indonesia. Find out about the current regulations and make sure you fly the hoverboard in a safe and permitted place.
  9. Be careful about exploding, choose from good quality brands
    You must have read or heard the news about hoverboards exploding, right? The mastermind of this tragedy comes from the battery and you need to choose the right manufacturer carefully. Some of the reputable brands/manufacturers of safe & quality hoverboards and Segway. They also have a return policy and customer service ready to go any time yours blows up, you know.