9 Reasons Why You Should Consider Installing a Functional Kitchen Island

When constructing the kitchen of a custom home, one thing you will never want to part with is the kitchen island. Several trends in kitchen design come and go but the one that stays constant and forever is a fully-functional kitchen island. It is an excellent way of adding more storage and counter space in the cooking area.

If you are crazy about installing one in your kitchen but a lack of space is bringing your dream to a halt, have an interactive discussion with your custom home builder Vancouver about how to make more space in the kitchen to install this multi-functional unit. But before that, you must focus on the reasons for adding an island to your kitchen.

  1. Make your kitchen more functional
  2. Installing a kitchen island lets you get the most out of the space be it small or big. So, don’t worry if your house has a small kitchen area. You can still have a functional island and use the extra counter space lavishly. Let your custom home builder Vancouver BC offer the expertise when you decide to add an island to create an impression and translate it into profits if you plan to sell the house in the future. What’s more, contrary to what you believe, there is no need to break your budget if you get the right one; instead, they are a good bet for a substantial return on investment. These islands are generally heavy but the builder needs to work on the layout properly to ensure that it is not damaged during installation. Choose from a flurry of materials and place them to make the kitchen spacious and open.

  3. Offers adequate space for preparing food
  4. It’s true indeed that modern-day kitchen cabinetry offers some space for cooking, but the area may become a bit limited if you install cabinets for display. The space crunch may aggravate if you prefer displaying the small appliances. That way a kitchen island comes as the saviour as it offers a flurry of prep space to cook and also allows you to include different types of worktops. So, roll out the material you prefer and make your everyday dicing and slicing a lot easier.

  5. Create a bold-designed kitchen
  6. Modern kitchens are not just about preparing your daily meals but rather a place for socializing and for the family to meet at the end of the day. So, why don’t you add some flair to your kitchen? The kitchen island goes a long way in transforming the cooking area and makes it a tad bit special. Choose a striking colour and turn it into the focal point of your kitchen with minimum effort. Try meeting a couple of construction companies in Vancouver to discuss how to make more space in the kitchen to install an island comfortably and you are good to go.

  7. Vary your storage option
  8. There is no denying that the kitchen is one area that engulfs clutter in a jiffy. You may have those spacious cupboards but the placement of the kitchen island makes it easy for you to store the things you need more frequently. Why don’t you create a few wine racks and open shelves beside the extension drawers to be used for crockery, pans, and more? Try experimenting with different ideas and you can make the kitchen stand out.

  9. Free socialising
  10. One of the most persuasive reasons to install a kitchen island is that it is an area where you can freely chat with your family and friends while keeping an eye on the kids. If your house has an open floor plan, the kitchen island will allow you to enjoy a casual dining atmosphere. If you want the family to gravitate towards a nice atmosphere, it may be one of the reasons to install a kitchen island. Homeowners frustrated with a lack of seating space in the kitchen may finally enjoy spending time in there while the meals are being prepared based on the availability of space, you can have a large or a small seating arrangement.

  11. Add value to your home
  12. The value of your home reverberates with its features and the amenities present. So, if you have plans to sell this property in the future, adding a kitchen island may increase its value to a great extent. Therefore, if you have adequate space, go for it now.

  13. Use it as a temporary bar
  14. If you prefer occasional gatherings at home and love enjoying yourself with your friends, the kitchen island can be perfectly used as a temporary bar. Typically, these islands are taller than the countertops, so using them as a minibar is a good idea to save the money and time you spend when driving to an outside bar. You can store the liquor in a cellar or in the refrigerator to enjoy drinking with friends while munching on some homemade goodies.

  15. Using the kitchen island as the dining table
  16. Are you a family of four and both spouses working? Chances are that breakfast will be a hurried affair most of the time. Why don’t you install a kitchen island and use it as a dining table? Just lay down your breakfast spread like the cereal box and the milk pitcher to enjoy breakfast together. What’s more, you can serve the kids there as well and watch them eat while you sum up the work hurriedly.

  17. Add versatility to the kitchen and home with mobile kitchen islands
  18. What is your idea of a mobile kitchen island? Well, this unique concept will surely help in adding versatility to the kitchen. The benefit of having a mobile island is that you can move it to any location to fulfill the need at a certain time. If you love arranging large family meals and have people to help you out in the kitchen, you can keep the island at any location and yet add a lot of dynamism in this area.

A kitchen island increases the value of your home and acts as a design element you will swear by. Apart from this, it serves as a vertical barrier and protects the other areas from steam and spatters. Are you in love with cooktops on an island? Roadhouse Homes is one of the Vancouver builders to trust for carving you the space for a kitchen island. So, add this special feature to your kitchen and plate your meals happily!