8 Tips to Strengthen Weak Topics for JEE Preparation

JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) examination plays a vital role in a student’s life. Every parent wants their child to be a doctor or an engineer, and those who choose science in their +2 get the opportunity to appear for the examination.

But do you know that only 25-30% of students can clear the IIT JEE examination, and it doesn’t even guarantee admission to the IITs and NITs?

Today we’ll throw a light upon that and pinpoint all the mistakes you might have made. 

After researching and consulting with the toppers of all time, we’ve noticed one problem every student has faced in their period. They do not use Previous Year’s JEE Mains Papers for their reference, which causes them a lot of chaos. 

Strengthen Your Weak Points with:

1. Revise 2-3 times

Your first step should be to understand the topics and then try to revise the topics multiple times. Without understanding, it’s worthless to waste much time on revision. After the revision, note down all the essential points of the topics for future reference.

2. Utilize efficiency

Choose suitable study material for yourself. There’re various textbooks on the market, but you must choose the right book. First, start with the NCERT textbooks and then refer to other textbooks accordingly. Don’t overdo things; you don’t have to beat yourself up with irrelevant things. 

3. Divide your topics into digestible sections

Break them into smaller sections and then try to prepare them. As you’ve already heard, “ To achieve the goal, you’ve to accomplish the smaller milestones.”

4. Use previous year’s papers

Previous year’s papers are vital for preparing for JEE as they give you a brief overview of the concepts and a pattern of the question paper you’ll be facing in the examination. JEE Mains previous year’s paper will be very beneficial for you. 

5. Attempt mock tests

 If you’re willing to find out your preparation, then you should take mock tests to understand your level of knowledge and preparation. These mocks will highlight your strengths and weaknesses, which will help you to achieve your goals. 

6. Solve Problems

Do not just look at them and estimate that you understand them. Sometimes, you feel that you know these problems, but at the examination time, you forget the methods. This is the central issue everyone has faced, so make sure to solve every problem with a complete method to clear your doubts. 

7. Never lose confidence

One thing to keep in mind is that nobody is perfect, so what if you need to take a drop year? It’s not the end of the world. Several students prepare for 3-4 years to get into a good university. It’s just a year off. What if you get a better opportunity, and the most essential thing you’ll not regret in the future is “what if I gave myself another chance and what if I would have succeeded in my life.”

8. Join study groups

Study groups are where you get a broad idea of what you will deal with. It is a group of people with the same interests and goals, just like yourself, with the right mindset. Maybe you’re only focusing on JEE Mains notes, and they’re preparing with JEE Mains Question Papers with different problems. 


We don’t imply that you’re not giving your best or your method is wrong, and we just wish you don’t waste your time and effort like the students who’ve wasted several years due to some silly mistakes they made in their initial years. 

We hope that these tips will cut to the core of your needs and you accomplish your goal as soon as possible. If you’re searching for Previous Year’s Question Papers of JEE Advance, you can easily access them and keep them for your future reference. All the very best for your future. 


Q1. How can I make my concepts strong for JEE?

Ans. You can clarify all the doubts and clear your concepts by following these certain steps mentioned above. 

Q2. How can I get over the fear of JEE Mains preparation?

Ans. With the right mindset, you can achieve anything. If you wish to overcome the fear of JEE preparation, you need to clear your mind first and start your preparation step by step.

Q3. Can I skip trigonometry for JEE?

Ans. No, you can’t skip trigonometry for JEE Examination. Trigonometry concepts are used in complete mathematics and physics so you can’t seem to ignore it. 

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