7 Types Of SEO To Boost Your Website’s Traffic

Many of you might hear about the term search engine optimization or SEO. It is used to improve the visibility of your website in the Google search engine result for the relevant keywords and search phrases.

It helps to generate traffic to the website naturally. Online consumers are likely to see one of the first search results from the search engine while looking for a service or product.

These ten results are preferable because they are well-written and optimized using SEO.

To improve the traffic of the website different types of SEO are being used.

White-Hat SEO

The white-hat SEO means SEO practices that are in line with the terms and conditions of the major search engines that include Google. This type of SEO improves the search engine ranking on the SERPs and regulates the integrity of your website with the terms of service of the search engine. The white-hate SEO is the best way to create a successful website.

For an instant, Wikipedia pages are on the top of every search engine as a search result for any term. Because Wikipedia page creation companies use white-hat SEO while publishing and optimizing the page for the platform.

Black-Hat SEO

The black-hat SEO exploits Google’s weaknesses in the algorithm to rank the website higher in the search results. Paid link-building strategies or spamming, keyword stuffing, cloaking, etc. are used in this type of SEO. These practices give instant results, but they can negatively impact your website if detected by a search engine. It is advised that you avoid black-hat SEO. 

Gray-Hat SEO

It is another SEO practice that is riskier than white-hat SEO because the practice doesn’t belong to the white-hat or black-hat SEO category as the terms and condition of the issue is unclear. Although, using gray-hat SEO practices will not result in the ban of your website from the search engine.

In simple words, the content or material that you will publish in accordance with the gray-hat SEO will remain ill-defined. Understanding the gray-hat SEO practices will save your website from losing traffic and you will be well aware of the negative consequences that will help you in adopting fair practices.

On-Page SEO

The on-page SEO to optimize the title, internal links, HTML Code, URL, images, and other on-page elements of the website to improve the ranking and user experience. The SEO for on-page includes the writing of informative, relevant, and engaging content, utilization of HTML tags, checking broken links and duplicate content, reducing the photos file size, and structuring the URL to various pages.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is what you do outside your website that helps it to rank higher in Google search results. It includes getting social media advertising, getting reviews on online forums, and getting links from other credible websites in the same niche as you.

Technical SEO

The main focus of primary SEO is to assist Google’s bot in successfully crawling, indexing, and interpreting the pages of your website. Let’s say, creating an extensive XML sitemap and making your website mobile friendly are some of the aspects of technical SEO. It helps web spiders filter and categorize the pages that are based on their content.

International SEO

International SEO is best to improve the organic traffic of your website from different parts of the work and different languages and areas. If you want to be successful in international SEO, you need to cater to the cultural context of your target audience and allow them to make transactions in their own currency and language. You can use the right format for the time and date based on the region they are listed.

Local SEO

Local SEO is for local businesses and it is one of the essential types of SEO that helps businesses to become more visible in the local search engine. Local SEO allows businesses to reach the local audience by analyzing their behavior through trillions of searches. If you are using local SEO practices, then you have opportunities to rank higher in the local map and search results at the same time. This, in turn, can help in growing your business and increase traffic to your website.