7 Tips on the Tradition of Cans in the Wedding Car

When it comes to weddings, every country has its customs and oddities. Some traditions are handed down from generation to generation. Despite the disappearance of many once-common wedding customs, some have stood the test of time. One such custom is to fasten empty cans to the bumpers of the best wedding cars in UK. As the newlyweds head off into the future, the cans rattle. The uproar informs anyone nearby that the newlyweds are approaching.

Cans in the wedding car

The best way to use cans 

A bridal party or family member typically handles tin can d├ęcor for the Rolls Royce ghost wedding car. The cans are frequently recognized as vintage car accessories. Of course, a couple can request that they be changed or removed.

The cans must be put together in advance to be tied to the back of the bridal car. Owner of Glass Event Planning Elizabeth Lutz suggests experimenting with different line lengths to give the wedding automobile a vintage look. The cans can be painted to match the wedding color palette or embellished with ribbons and flowers to give the boisterous centerpiece some style.

It would help if you secured the cans in the car properly. Heavy-duty rope, hot glue, or a trailer hitch hook can fasten the cans to the bumper. We adore this tradition since it features the wedding car in all its grandeur.

Wedding car embellishments

In Lutz’s opinion, the best method to decide what to do for the wedding is to be inventive and go over the couple’s preferences with the wedding planner. While some couples prefer to add their unique spin to classic pastimes, others would rather try something brand-new. Any decorations the couple chooses to put on their wedding car are allowed.

Another beautiful touch is installing a personalized “Just Married” sign on the wedding car’s rear. People have been known to substitute streamers, flowers, and even shoes for tin cans. It would be wise to gain permission from the getaway car’s owner or lessee before adding cans or painting it.

It is typical for newlyweds to declare their union in front of onlookers as they exit the ceremony. This is a time-honored tradition, like the bride wearing “something old, new, borrowed, and blue.” The sound of clinking, vividly colored tin cans can be used to your advantage to make the wedding reception even more unforgettable.

Cans tied to the automobile

There are several theories as to how this wedding custom came to be. Visitors supposedly fastened used shoes and tin cans to the carriage as the bride and groom left the church to ward off evil spirits.

before the ceremony

Although this practice may have favorable effects, its origins were less romantic. Before a parent-arranged marriage, it was highly banned for two people to meet. The bride and groom couldn’t see each other until the veil was taken off at the ceremony. This was done to prevent the bride and groom from later changing their minds about one another and breaking their wedding vows.


Nowadays, wedding rituals tend to be fairly formal affairs. Everyone goes out of their way to ensure the newlyweds’ day is ruined, even though nobody would willfully do so. But things weren’t always like this. In the past, efforts to kidnap the bride on her wedding day were frequent, especially among misfits and unwanted suitors. Any potential attackers would be scared away due to the bridesmaids’ coordinated apparel before they could injure the bride. Acting the part of the bride wasn’t optional, according to Babble.


The groomsmen’s task was to assist one of their single friends in fleeing with a bride, unlike the bridesmaids, whose sole duty was to ensure the bride’s safe arrival at the wedding. The groomsmen may skulk off to a nearby town or village and abduct the first woman they came across if there weren’t enough acceptable women in the vicinity. The “best person” in this situation would be the kidnapper who had the most success.

Confetti-throwing joyful couple

Do you throw confetti at the newlyweds as they exit the church? Newlyweds are customarily showered with rice. That was done to wish the collaboration nothing but success. However, as of late, we’ve solely been utilizing bird-friendly products, like just-picked flower petals.


Choose a strong line, such as twine, then either poke a hole in the can and knot the twine through it or wrap the string numerous times around the can and glue it in place. Use strong knots to fasten the cans to the getaway car’s bumper or trailer hitch.