7 Best Places to See in Washington D.C 

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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Washington D.C.? Power! Politics! and lobbyists! But Washington is a lively city that has so much more to offer. It is a platter of iconic history, architectural masterpieces, a fantastic food scene, and vibrant culture. You can explore a bit of everything and get a taste of the splendors of the city. And trust me you would want to visit and revisit this vibrant big-hearted city. Make United Airlines booking this vacation season and enjoy the city’s marvels. 

The capital city of Washington D.C is snuggled on the eastern coast of the United States. It is a perfect place to get the essence of America’s legendary history, art, and culture. It is also popular for its incredible food and nightlife. 

Plan your travels with our list of best places to visit in Washington D.C. to make the most of it.  

Best place to visit for history buffs

America is known for its iconic history and a past that the country is proud of. Step back into time with our list of best places to explore for all the history buffs out there. 

  • Visit the Library of Congress

The Library of Congress is the perfect place to begin your journey into the iconic American Past. It is not only the largest library in the world but also the oldest. It is a place where you will find everything you need to know about America from its formation to the present day.

Highlights of the Library 

  • Take a guided tour One hour tour of the building.
  • Admire the magnificent architecture.
  • Read old books to catch a glimpse of American History.
  • Explore the exhibitions and the galleries highlighting the best collections. 

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  • Explore the world’s most famous building “The White House”

The iconic White house is the building that everyone dreams of visiting once in their lives and you can’t just let it slide. It is one address that everyone in the world is aware of. If you wish to tour this magnificent powerhouse, then you will require prior permission from a member of congress or the embassy. 

Highlights Of the White House

  • Explore the stunning northern and southern trails of the President’s Park.
  • Visit the White House Visitor Center to see the various exhibits and artifacts that tell the story of America.
  • Take a tour of the White House and see the space that makes America so great. 

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Explore the U.S. Capitol Building

The U.S. capitol building runs America. It is a place where laws are made and the fate of the country is decided. Despite being full of politicians and lawyers, tours of the building can give you a glimpse into its workings.  This Iconic building is a place where history is made and you can witness it unfold.  

Visitors can tour the building from Monday to Saturday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.  

Highlights of the U.S. Capitol Building

  • Witness the congress in session.
  • Explore the awe-inspiring U.S. Capitol Park blooming with colors and studded with Gorgeous Fountains.
  • Take lots of pictures to flaunt your friends. 

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Best places to visit for food and drinks

Exploring Washington D.C must have tired you and worked an appetite. So now you just have one thing on your mind – Food! Food! and more Food! Know about the two best places in Washington D.C. that are sure to indulge your taste buds. 

  • Founding Farmers

It is one of the best restaurants if you want to experience the true American flavours that are delivered straight from the Farm to your table. The restaurant believes in feeding the freshest dishes and hence has a tie-up with 47,000 American family farms. 

You can taste the fresh flavors and unique aroma of the food here. Order their specialty and enhance the flavors further with the Founding in-house Spirit Gin or Martinez.

Highlights of Founding Farmers

  • For st​arters order the Virginia ham accompanied by Biscuits. 
  • Experience organic freshness in all their dishes.
  • Try their special drinks – Dry gin or Martinez.
  • Texas chilly dogs are a must try.

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  • Virtue Feed and grain 

A beautiful cobbled path will lead you to the Virtue Feed and grain restaurant. And as soon as you enter you will be impressed by the wooden look and warm ambiance. Keeping its original vintage charm intact, a restaurant from the 1800s was renovated by Virtue Feed and Grain. 

Highlights of Virtue feed and grain

  • Savor “I’ve just arrived in the DC area” if you are craving something filling.
  • Don’t miss out on their special scotch eggs.
  • Wash it all down with their unique cocktails – unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before.

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Best place to visit with Kids

If you are vacationing with kids, then you must explore something fun, and thrilling with loads of knowledge. 

  • Smithsonian National Zoo 

It is one of the most popular places in Washington D.C. that offers the right blend of fun and knowledge perfect for a complete family. Whether you are in the city for the first time or it’s your seasonal visit, you must visit this spectacular palace to meet the animals. Your kids will love this place, so for your second visit you will have to place the zoo in your itinerary – you wouldn’t have a choice. 

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Highlights of Smithsonian’s National Zoo

  • Meet The Rubenstein Family at the Panda Habitat
  • Explore the Elephant Trails 
  • Visit The Cheetah Conservation center
  • Stroll to the reptile discovery center.
  • See all the magnificent birds at the birdhouse.
  • Meet the cows, goats, donkeys, and alpacas at the Kids Farm

Make United Airlines booking to Washington D.C. and treat your kids to some fun by letting them make friends with the Smithsonian National Zoo animals. 

Whatever your taste and likes, Washington D.C. has it. So this Holiday season, are you ready to hop on a flight and discover the pulse of the city!