Ranking 6 Bosses In Valheim According To Difficulty

Even for seasoned players, it might be difficult to defeat the bosses in Valheim. Here is how we’ve ranked the various levels of difficulty.

When it was released in 2021, the Norse mythology–inspired survival game Valheim caused a sensation among gamers. Given that each game takes place on a different map that is generated at random, one of the best parts of Valheim is diving in blind and taking in the beautiful scenery.

However, in order to unlock Valheim’s six bosses, known as the Forsaken, gamers will have to confront their ultimate demise. The location of these bosses and the goods necessary to summon them can be discovered by touching and reading Runestones dotted around the various biomes. Bosses will naturally increase in difficulty as you continue, but the rewards (both in terms of loot and Forsaken Powers) are well worth the effort.


Players can encounter Eikthyr in the Meadows, a reasonably safe area, making him the obvious choice as the first boss to take down in Valheim. Eikthyr’s antlers may be able to fire electric bolts, but anyone with average reflexes can easily avoid them. Players that are proficient with parrying and the use of a Wooden Shield and Flint Spear will find the battle to be manageable. If you’re not confident in your melee skills, a bow and arrow are always an option.

However, one should not enter in one’s pyjamas. Having Leather Armour on hand will make taking damage less devastating. If you couple this with a well-balanced diet and plenty of rest in the days leading up to the battle, you shouldn’t have too much trouble facing Eikthyr.

The Elder

It is imperative that players inflict as much fire damage as they possibly can on The Elder, the boss that can be located in the Black Forest, as it may take quite literally hundreds of Fire Arrows to bring him down. Players should aim to deal as much fire damage as they possibly can. This might mean anything from constructing many fireplaces in the hope that the boss will trip over them to even attempting to fight with a torch if the situation is dire.

When attempting to take down The Elder, one of the most challenging aspects is making careful not to rush too deep into the woods in an effort to employ ranged attacks. This is one of the most difficult aspects. It will be difficult enough to fight without also having to contend with the Greydwarves and Trolls that are located in the surrounding area. Make sure you don’t get too far away from the group, bring a lot of healing potions, and eat plenty of food that provides you plenty of stamina for the inevitable drawn-out battle.


It can be a hassle to collect all of the dragon eggs required to call Moder, and it can be an even greater agony to defeat her once the battle has begun. Her blizzard breath has the potential to kill opponents in a startlingly short amount of time and she may launch her attacks either from the ground or from the air.

Players who have good reflexes shouldn’t have too much trouble avoiding Moder’s strikes in the end. This is the thing to keep in mind. The size of Moder’s health pool is a significant contributor to the overall difficulty of the fight. Because of this, it is a good idea to make an effort to bring as many arrows as you possibly can, particularly Poison Arrows or anything else that causes damage over a period of time. In order for players to survive the harsh conditions of the Mountains, it will be absolutely necessary for them to obtain Wolf Armour.


Even though Yagluth is the second-to-last boss in Valheim and a native of the perilous Plains, he is usually not too difficult to kill. By that stage, players have access to some of the game’s best weapons and armour, making virtually any battle a little less challenging. It’s not hard to avoid its strikes because they’re generally slow and predictable.

Here are some of Yagluth’s common attacks, which may help you defeat him more quickly. Yagluth is preparing to call down meteor showers as his fist begins to glow an orange colour. If he throws back his head, fire will shoot out of his mouth. A fist smash attack is imminent if his hand is blazing blue. Yagluth prefers to focus on one opponent at a time, thus having allies in the fight makes things much simpler.


Even while Bonemass isn’t the last boss you’ll face, he’s still one of the most challenging. However, the struggle is well worth it if it means securing your Wishbone. Bonemass can attack in three distinct ways. Its melee strike is terrifying, but the toxic miasma it releases into the air is far more dangerous. When you factor in that Bonemass may call upon Skeletons, Blobs, and Oozers to aid him in battle, this boss quickly becomes a major nuisance.

To our good fortune, there are several approaches that can be utilised to assist in bringing it down. Bonemass is impervious to most forms of harm aside from blunt force, thus it’s important to choose the appropriate tool for the job. In this battle, the Stagbreaker comes in especially handy. In addition, players will have a very hard time defeating Bonemass without stocking up on poison resistance mead. An excellent piece of advice for anyone venturing into the Swamp.

The Queen

The Mistlands is the most challenging region in Valheim, and it’s also where players will face The Queen, the most challenging monster in Drive Mad game. Specifically, you can find her in Infested Citadels, but you’ll need a Sealbreaker to go inside. The Queen is able to use a variety of melee techniques because to her four limbs, including a poisonous bite.

Her spew attack, however, is potentially even more lethal because it not only deals damage but also creates new Seeker Broods. She may also call forth regular Seekers with her mighty roar. The Queen is incredibly agile, frequently tunnelling to reposition herself, and her enormous hitboxes make it difficult to evade her knockback. Players should equip a Feather Cape and bring a Wisplight to see through the mist and reduce the damage they incur from falls.

The PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S versions of Valheim are now in retail.