Is 5G Accelerating the Growth of Cloud Gaming 

[Summary: Now with 5G i.e., very high-speed internet connections, cloud gaming can be accessed with ultra-low-latency. The accessibility of cloud gaming will also increase as more customers are willing to play on devices like mobile phones.  

It is predicted that this 5G technology will definitely multiply the growth of the entire industry manifold with some extra efforts] 

“Starter Kit” 

As per Statista, a survey conducted by Japan (in 2019) revealed that: 9% of the respondents between the ages 18-24 were willing and ready to pay for 5th Generation cloud gaming & exports. Even the respondents between the age group of 25-34 are almost equally excited about the same. 

Cloud gaming & 5G 

In a recent conclave of 2022, experts said the next phase of growth for gaming would be driven by accelerating 5G adoption, cloud gaming, gamification, & mobile Devices. 

“It has been a while since we have seen a breakthrough in spectrum bands, but it appears we are now seeing the first one with 5G. With much greater internet speeds and barely any latency, this is a game-changer for the cloud gaming industry.” 

– David Cole (Cloud Gaming Expert) 

The above assertion by David Cole could be the crispiest summary of this piece! 

A treat for both, service providers and gaming enthusiasts! 

Cloud gamers need really high speed & connectivity. And network providers are aiming for the same from 5G. 5th Generation network capabilities & network slicing. This would help subscribers achieve the gaming experience they want (as the players won’t want to miss the chance to kill their opponents on one shot). 

And eventually, a whole new revenue-generating service for CSPs. A ‘treat for the task’ for both! 

In a survey, it’s found that if the service providers provide enhanced connectivity through deploying extra differentiated network slices, they can spin on. Their revenue can go up by 4% by 2031. 

Further, cloud gamers need higher data compared to usual users. This would again benefit CSPs. This growth plan supports the traffic contribution of gaming & mobile broadband without further investments. 

What do cloud gamers demand from 5G? 

Cloud gaming needs latency below 50 ms. A fine-&-accurate content display without disrupting the experience is what gamers want. And this is achievable through the latest 5G network.   

  • With the arrival of 5th Generation, data can flow in real-time and an entire game can be downloaded in a matter of seconds. Cloud gaming is something that is not just an emerging trend but also a way to promote and grow the entire video game industry. 
  • Many think that 5G will make cloud gaming more popular by enabling faster downloads, less lag, and lower latency for subscribers. And that’s true! But unless cloud gaming matches the experience of high-end traditional console/PC gaming, gamers won’t be satisfied.  

Uplink/downlink bandwidth is important  

  • Your customers can download a 10 Gb game on their mobile phone or even a 100 Gb game on their PCs. They don’t want any lag/low-speed downloads. So, the download speeds or downlink bandwidth (from the network to the end-user connection) you give matters a lot to them. 
  • When gamers are playing/streaming the Live sessions, high-speed connectivity with other players or viewers is important. A great interactive experience is needed between the use & the content. This asks for high upload speeds/uplink bandwidth. 

A slow uplink can ultimately affect the downlink or overall interaction with the content. 

Both, 5G & cloud gaming are powering up each other! 

5G gaming assures to transform the entire gaming industry. With Metaverse, developers are already creating new games with intense experience. To redefine cloud gaming. 

  • What if your customers can try games without even downloading them on their devices? Or what if seamless connectivity in multiplayer games becomes your USP? As a service provider, you feel what we are saying. 
  • HD quality, wireless VR experience is one of the most orchestrated properties in 5th Generation. This will engage the gamers in its highly immersive experiences.  
  • With 5th Generation characteristics, AR/VR will become even more in-demand functionality. And this also encourages developers & designers for innovative moves. 

Your experience might lag. And your opponent might take the move. No matter how many high-quality cloud features you have if your subscriber isn’t convinced, you might lose the game. 

But luckily, 5th Generation investments are well-fabricated to manage the infrastructure needed to serve cloud gaming. To leverage the 5G’s benefits to capitalise on gamers’ demand. 

  • Be it a multi-screen strategy or an attractive subscription-based plan, a mature cloud service provider break it all. It promotes accessing computing resources at the edge. To stream better!  
  • It’s estimated that 67% of cloud gamers will play on a 5th Generation device in the next 5years. By 2031, all of them will get on 5G devices. 


5G will boost the speed plus the quality of connectivity. This means that cloud gaming will get better and a lot more areas of the world would be able to use it. In a way, 5th Generation is going to be one of the main factors that drive cloud gaming adoption. 

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