5 Home Remedies for Urinary Tract Infections

Are you experiencing several symptoms of urinary tract infections and looking for effective home remedies for these symptoms? If so, then have you reached the best source.

A urinary tract infection is among the most common problems around the world. According to a medical study, more than one hundred and fifty million people worldwide experience some symptoms of urinary tract infections. In addition, this infection can affect anyone of any age; however, females, especially pregnant, are more prone to UTIs.

Pee carrying tube is shorter in women than in men; that’s why women are prone. According to a urologist doctor in Islamabad, bacteria easily reach the bladder due to the shorter distance of the urethra. Usually, bacteria are responsible for 95% of urinary tract infections; however, fungi can also be the cause.

Additionally, when women or men experience a urinary tract infection, they experience symptoms such as pelvic pain, burning sensations while peeing, an inability in emptying the bladder, frequent urination, dark urine, or strong odor urine. Most of the time, medical specialists recommend several types of antibiotics for treating urinary tract infections. In addition, there are also some natural remedies to reduce the risks and symptoms of urinary tract infections.

Remedies for Urinary Tract Infections

Here are some effective remedies for several symptoms of a urinary tract infection:

1.Drink Plenty of Water

One of the first and the most important thing you need to do while experiencing urinary tract infections is to drink plenty of water because drinking plenty of water help to flush out bacteria from the urethra, responsible for causing symptoms of UTIs.

According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, consumption of water throughout the day pave a great way for a speedy recovery. Most people drink water when they feel thirst; it can be good to drink water after feeling thirst. However, sometimes, you don’t feel thirst while sitting in an air-conditioned room, in that case, you need to consume water after some time.

In addition, a person needs to consume eight glasses of water in a single. However, don’t consume a lot of water all day because it can affect your kidneys.

2.Vitamin C Intake

There is some information from several medical studies that indicate increasing the intake of vitamin C from several foods can protect against urinary tract infections. Vitamin C is an essential vitamin that plays an important role in increasing the amount of acidity in the urine and thus killing bacteria responsible for causing bladder and urinary tract infections.

A study, conducted in 2007, indicated that pregnant women who consumed 100mg of vitamin C every single day had a more protective effect against urinary tract infections than those who didn’t consume Vitamin C at all or consumed it in lower amounts.

To get enough amount of vitamin C, you can add vegetables and fruits to your diet, and oranges along with kiwifruit and oranges can be a great source of vitamin C.

In addition, daily consumption of vitamin C also gives a boost to your immune system that will also help you to get a speedy recovery, and you may also be able to get protection against these symptoms of urinary tract infections.

3.Soothe Pain with Heat

Irritation and inflammation caused by urinary tract infections may also cause pain and pressure along with burning around the pubic area. Applying a heating pad, according to the urologists, can be a helpful remedy in soothing the area. However, you need to take some precautions while applying a heating pad such as don’t apply for a long time (more than fifteen minutes) to avoid burning and also don’t apply it directly.

4.Cranberry Juice

Consuming cranberry juice (without any sweetener) is one of the best natural and home remedies for urinary tract infections. If you don’t like cranberry juice without sugar, then you also have the option to consume it in capsule form.

This juice plays an essential role in preventing bacteria from affecting the urinary tract and also preventing symptoms of urinary tract infections. In addition, a study indicated that consuming 240 milliliters of cranberry juice every day for a period of twenty-four weeks can decrease the risks of UTIs.

5.Avoid Bladder Irritants

While experiencing urinary tract infections, there are certain foods such as spicy foods, caffeine, and artificial sweeteners that can further irritate the bladder, and they also make it difficult for the body to heal. 

In addition, you also do not have to avoid these foods but also need to include healthy foods such as carbohydrates that play an important in maintaining your digestive health. You can add such foods that are packed with water to your diet because they will improve your digestion and prevent the body from dehydration.


Urinary tract infections, especially painful urination, can cause a lot of trouble for men and women. Therefore, it is important to get rid of these symptoms as soon as possible. The above-mentioned remedies for symptoms of UTIs can be effective for you.